2123: Aging Weight Loss, Food Based Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 Controversy, Stop Hormone Supplementation, V Detox, Early Menstruation (HouseCall)


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Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

Let’s get started!

Nadia: Dear Doctor Cabral, thank you so much for all you do to help the community and for your very interesting podcast! I would like to ask if you could indicate me in which direction we could look regarding my dad's health. He is 62 years old, 5feet7 and weighs now less then 125 pounds. He has always been thin (even though he eats 3 times more then the rest of the family) but muscular. But now he really has just skin on his bones even though he still eats a lot (and healthy). He goes to the bathroom at least once a day, sometimes after every meal, which is very good. And his blood work came back normal. He's been trying to gain weight for years but he just gets more and more skinnier and is pretty preoccupied. He is very active all day, always working around the house, in the garden, loves hiking and biking. A Nutritionist told him years ago that it will be impossible for him to gain weight and that it's much easier for overweight people to lose weight. Do you have any advice on how my dad could get to a normal weight again or what we should look at? Thanks so much for your time and help, Have a great day, Nadia

Erin: Vitamin c help!! Ok so i was told only to take food based vitamin c but all the other is synthetic and depletes copper....so can you please clear this up for me. I really appreciate it!!

Ryan: Hello! I have seen recently a somewhat controversial opinion on D3 supplementation and would like your opinion. Usually, I'd gloss over something like this, but considering the high reputation of the source in the functional/integrative space, I thought I'd get your highly valued opinion. Quote… "D3 is not what they measure in a vitamin D test. They measure 25D. The problem is, they should be measuring 1,25D, and better yet, the ratio between the two. Supplementing D3 will raise your 25D levels which shuts down your vitamin D receptors and innate immune system function. Supplementing D3 above what we naturally get in food will massively increase calcium absorption. In a hard-drinking water world, that causes hypercalcemia, magnesium and K2 deficiency.”

Jamie: Hi Dr Cabral thank you for all you do. I have been listening for a very long time. I’ll try to keep this short as I did try to search if you have talked about this before but couldn’t find anything. I currently see a Dr who claims to be an integrative doctor local to me. I’m 33 year old female. I weigh around 130#. My symptoms have been thinning hair, nail fungus, zero libido, zero energy and pms 2 weeks prior to menstruating, (this has been for many years) increase of stress the past two years due to my job. . He did lab work and my thyroid levels are low, and vitamin d was low. He also told me that I should take Progesterone 100mg qhs for the pms symptoms / low energy. Long story short I’m taking t3/t4 15mcg daily (along with fish oil, vitamin d, b complex, magnesium from EquiLife) I had more lab work done recently and my IGF-1 is 208 (says it should be 280) and he is recommending Sermorelin therapy. I googled it and it sounds fantastic. All the things I need (energy, libido etc) but my question is being only 33 (no kids) is going to harm me in the long run taking these hormones? I know you can’t tell me to stop, I just need advice on really what this Sermorelin therapy is and if it is going to hurt me in the long run taking progesterone “forever”. Thank you

Leah: Big thanks to you and the team for all the information you put out! If you must get the vaccine, and it is not your preference to do so, can you detox from it? And if so, how? Thanks!

Andrea: My 9 year old daughter started menstruating this month. She is already taking a daily multivitamin, what other supplement would you advise her growing body would need to better support her during this stage?

Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and be sure to check back tomorrow for our Mindset & Motivation Monday show to get your week started off right!

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