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The total number of ads leading up to this year's Congressional races was lower than four years ago; Orbital Sciences has a back-up plan; Amazon tests delivery by taxi; Mike Weinstein has those stories and more.โดย The Wall Street Journal
Negotiations that would lead to direct talks between Russia and Ukraine are faltering, The White House has authorized sanctions and visa restrictions against those undermining democracy in Ukraine.โดย The Wall Street Journal
The group that runs the SAT college-entrance test is shaking up its format, its scoring-returning to the 1,600-point scale from 2,400-and potentially the $1 billion test-prep industry.โดย The Wall Street Journal
President Obama continues to put pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin over his country's occupation of Ukraine, The European Union says it will provide Ukraine with $15 billion of aid in the form of loans and grants.โดย The Wall Street Journal
Secretary of State John Kerry, during an emergency visit to Kiev, pledged aid to Ukraine's new government and warned the U.S. and its allies would impose sanctions against Russia if it didn't begin pulling troops from the former Soviet state.โดย The Wall Street Journal
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