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Topic of the Day

Topic of the Day

Topic Of The Day

In which members of Team Anchor hop on and ask the Anchor community at large for answers or opinions about a specific topic. Would you rather have banana fingers or spaghetti hair? What's the best way to wake up early after a long night? Let your fellow creators find an answer for you.
Topic of the Day with Busi podcast is a place where we come together every morning to talk about topics of consequence in our lives. Where we talk about things that matter to us, things we don't think about often. Things that affect the quality of our life & things we beat ourselves up about all the time. I want us to start building a culture of positivity and love around our idiosyncrasies, so join me every morning to talk through some 'serious' ish...
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Today's episode is for all those perfectionists out there. We are doing so well in our little bubble of inaction and I thought it's about time we talk about the elephant in the room. Hope you enjoy the episode! I love you so much, thanks for tuning in, see you next timeโดย Busisiwe
Today we look at something we all struggle with a lot from time to time, doing things for the first time. It's always crazy scary to do something new and today we look at how to make it work. Enjoy I love you so muchโดย Busisiwe
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