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Calvary Chapel Fergus Falls - Simply Teaching the Bible Simply We exist to see people come to Jesus and grow in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. You can give from your mobile device by texting CCFF to 555-888 or give online at: https://ccfergusfalls.com/giving/
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Leviticus 13 “Principles for Infectious Diseases”1. The method of examination (v.1-8)2. The diagnosis of leprosy (v.9-44)3. The results of leprosy (v.45-46)4. Keeping clothing clean (v.47-59)โดย Tim Molter
Leviticus 11-12 “Laws on the Clean and Unclean”1. Laws about eating animals (Ch. 11 v.1-23)2. Laws on unclean animals (Ch. 11 v.24-47)3. The ritual after childbirth (Ch. 12 v.1-8)โดย Tim Molter
Leviticus 9-10 “The Ministry of Sacrifice”1. Offerings for the priests (Ch. 9 v.1-14)2. Offerings for the people (Ch. 9 v.14-24)3. An offering of presumption (Ch. 10 v.1-7)4. A warning to examine ourselves (Ch. 10 v.8-20)โดย Tim Molter
Leviticus 8 “Set Apart for Service”1. Washed, anointed, and clothed (v.1-13)2. Set apart to God through sacrifice (v.14-21)3. A complete surrender to the Lord (v.22-36)โดย Tim Molter
Leviticus 7 “The Regulations for the Offerings”1. The Law of the Trespass Offering (v.1-10)2. The Law of Peace Offerings (v.1-21)3. The fat and blood of Sacrifice (v.22-27)4. The portion of Aaron and his sons (v.28-38)โดย Tim Molter
Leviticus 6 “The Required Offerings”1. The Law of the Guilt Offering (v.1-7)2. The Law of the Burnt Offering (v.8-13)3. The Law of the Grain Offering (v.14-23)4. The Law of the Sin Offering (v.24-30)โดย Tim Molter
Leviticus 4-5 “The Sin and Trespass Offering”Ch. 4 – The Sin Offering (v.1-35)Ch. 5 – The Trespass Offering (v.1-19)โดย Tim Molter
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