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Hello and welcome to After Office Hours with the Puget Sound Economic Forecaster. This is your home for discussion about the Puget Sound region’s economy. The economy and what is affecting it continues to be in a high rate. We are recording this on October 15th for those keeping score – depending on when you are listening there are going to likely …
How do we go about counting people who are working, making money, but are not participating in the workforce in the traditional sense? Listen to the full podcast for more information.โดย Puget Sound Economic Forecaster
We issued a special edition of forecaster last week to update the forecast we posted in mid-June. Taking this extra step is definitely out of the ordinary but if there is anything we have learned in the past 18 months – not much is ordinary. The team this week includes, James McCafferty, Hart Hodges, Bethany King and Josh Grandbouche. Are we worrie…
Some things are just following the natural order of things! As COVID-19 makes things feel like we are standing still, we've continued to get older through the pandemic. Find out how this may be impacting our Baby Boomer population, retirement and the labor market!โดย Puget Sound Economic Forecaster
Josh covers the reasons the center decided to publish a special edition - it doesn't happen often. New numbers, new information, etc. Find out more in the full episode.โดย Puget Sound Economic Forecaster
It is back to school time and school supplies have become the new toilet paper. List to the full episode to find out Josh's answer to the question.โดย Puget Sound Economic Forecaster
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