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Gimlet Gals

Gimlet Gals

Gimlet Gals

Finding your late twenties a bit tough? Don’t worry, us too. We’re Charlotte & Leanne - two New York transplants trying to navigate the city and all the lessons thrown our way. We’re tackling topics on this weird transitional time when NYC’s shine has worn off but your roots are deeper than ever. Grab a gimlet and join the conversation.
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Our first guest of season two Christa Eduafo joins the Gals to discuss how she found her success in taking back her power and following her gut. By learning to lean into her intuition and manifest her dream job, she let go of other’s approval and unapologetically paved her own way.
In true Gals fashion, Charlotte is trying every new health practice under the sun from Reiki to breathwork with some psychics to top it off. Additionally, the Gals share their new relationship with alcohol and how they’ve noticed the changes in NYC.
Charlotte & Leanne are graced with the presence of Cari Bonilla and Marina Hyson - two of the masterminds behind the Kardashian course at Brown University. The ladies share their experiences from developing the course to appearing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. This episode digs beyond social media and the TV show and into how the Kardashians …
The greatest mixed drink in NYC: Bomani Brothers and Gimlet Gals. Amin Anjedani, Sam Madani, and Kai Drewry reveal their newest business venture - Bomani Cold Buzz: Cold brew coffee infused with gluten-free alcohol to satisfy cravings for any of your partying needs.
Ready to get raunchy? Christian Franceschi is this week’s co-host and is nothing short of amazing. You want to learn the ins and and outs of partying in NYC? Tune in to get an earful of booze, booty calls, and babes. Oh, and don’t forget the ASMR!
Workin' 9-5! Cringe your way through this episode while the Gals cover their somewhat professional lives. From strippers and showing up to work drunk, to dog walking and joining the NYC nanny gang, the Gals are sharing their NYC grind and how they survive.
Aaaaaand they're back! Coming off the excitement and feedback of episode 1, the Gals answering all of your questions about NYC living. Sprinkling in a few fun facts, Charlotte & Leanne return to the mic to share their dreams of being promoters and becoming actual adults that flip their mattresses.
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