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What should we do when cultural or religious traditions appear to conflict with current ideas about animal welfare? In a world where animal rights are often used as a cover for racism, David Grumett, Angie Pepper, and Varun Uberoi discuss how to advocate for animals without reinstating cultural imperialism.…
Are we more or less prejudiced than at other points in history? And is prejudice always wrong, or even avoidable? If it is avoidable, how can this be achieved? Marco Cinnirella, Katharine Jenkins, Joe Mulhall, and Amir Saeed discuss.โดย Forum for Philosophy
Some people and events are remembered by communities, others forgotten. Who and what ought to be remembered? Should some memorials be removed? And who should decide? Michelle Codrington-Rogers, Margaret O'Callaghan, and Rahul Rao explore these questions and more.โดย Forum for Philosophy
Should the state be allowed indefinitely detain people who have committed no crime? What does detention tell us about the ethics of immigration control? In this episode, Mishka, Mary Bosworth, and Matthew Gibney take a closer look at immigration detention.โดย Forum for Philosophy
Some people crossing borders are called refugees while others are not. But who is a refugee? What precisely is the relationship between migration and seeking refuge? Can we justify the distinction between refugees, migrants, and displaced people? Ahmad Al-Rashid, Phillip Cole, and Elspeth Guild discuss whether current legal definitions are need of …
Most would agree that we have a right to leave our country of origin. But since this usually means arriving in another, do we also have a right to immigrate? Chris Bertram, Emily Dugan, Matthew Gibney, and Madeleine Sumption discuss these and related questions.โดย Forum for Philosophy
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