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CMPA: Practically Speaking

CMPA: Practically Speaking

Canadian Medical Protective Association, CMPA

CMPA Practically Speaking is a Canadian Medical Protective Association podcast where we share expert advice on a variety of topics affecting physicians and their practice. From assisting physicians in reducing medical-legal risk and enhancing safe medical care, to discussing physician wellness and how the CMPA supports its members in a changing healthcare environment, this podcast will cover what you need to know when you need it most. Earn Self-Learning Section 2 MOC credits and non-certifi ...
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Disclosure of patient safety incidents to patients or caregivers is a legal, ethical and professional obligation for physicians. Appropriate disclosure conversations facilitate dialogue during the incident management process and reinforces patient-physician trust. In this month’s episode, Steven and Yolanda discuss the best ways to handle disclosur…
Decision support tools are designed to ease shared decision-making and patient involvement on health care decisions. When patients actively participate in decision-making and understand what is required of them, they are more likely to follow through. To establish an efficient shared decision making process, physicians must consider patients values…
When considering medical clearance for participation after injuries, there are numerous components to take into consideration to ensure physicians act within the standard of care, and that they keep patients’ best interest in mind. In this month’s episode, Steven and Yolanda discuss the precautions and responsibilities of both parties in assuring a…
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Occasionally, physicians may be asked to provide medical care outside of their area of expertise. During the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, more physicians have been asked to fill-in on the ICU and in long-term care facilities. What are your rights as a physician? How can you best handle the situation? How do you ensure your patients’ safety? This…
CMPA Perspective article: Why do you need to know? A balancing act for accessing personal health informationโดย Dr. Steven Bellemare, Dr. Yolanda Madarnas
Concerns surrounding wait times in the delivery of health care are not new, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in further concerns due to the postponement of elective procedures. In this episode, Dr. Steven Bellemare and Dr. Yolanda Madarnas discuss the impact of wait times on patients, physicians, and the healthcare system with Dr. Wendy …
CMPA Perspective article: Providing virtual care during the COVID-19 pandemicโดย Dr. Yolanda Madarnas, Dr. Steven Bellemare
CMPA Perspective article: End-of-life: Planning for compassionate care during COVID‑19โดย Dr. Steven Bellemare, Dr. Yolanda Madarnas
CMPA Perspective article: Moral distress: The cost of uncertainty during a pandemicโดย Dr. Steven Bellemare, dr. Caroline Gérin-Lajoie, Dr. Yolanda Madarnas
CMPA Perspective article: Scarce resources: Caring for patients during COVID-19โดย Dr. Steven Bellemare, Dr. Yolanda Madarnas
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