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Autoline This Week is the first stop for auto executives, insiders and consumers looking for the latest automotive news. Each week John McElroy, one of the deans of the Detroit automotive press corp, brings his expertise and analysis to the issues and interviews driving the automotive world. He moderates a panel of automotive journalists as they discuss the week’s news and interview top industry newsmakers
On Shift: A podcast about mobility, Automotive News reporter Pete Bigelow and Shift editor Leslie Allen take an optimistic yet skeptical eye at the new tech and business models planned for the auto industry. Join them for a recap of the news of the week and a chat with a leading newsmaker in the industry. Shift is a production of Automotive News, the leading publication covering the auto industry. Check out our reporting online at and follow us on Twitter @Automotive_News.
Tesla Motors is transforming the automotive world with its incredible electric vehcles. Join Nick Howe, author of "Owning Model S" to catch up on the latest Tesla Motors news in News from the Frunk. The ‘Frunk’, in case you were wondering, is the front trunk in the Tesla Model S (where an internal combustion engine would be, if it had one)
The Global UJ

The Global UJ

Why limit ourselves as an entrepreneur to just our own backyards when the world has limitless opportunities to make an impact? From the hottest startups, government leaders mobilizing entrepreneurial change, to truly trying to understand the local markets, culture, and people. The Global UJ is a weekly podcast bringing you direct insight from the best entrepreneurs & leaders from around the world. Connecting us all from the developed to the developing nations, and everywhere in between, to l ...
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The Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association's Jerry Quandt talks about the opportunities in the state for automakers, suppliers and tech giants to tap into mobility initiatives.โดย Automotive News
Alex and Cody are BACK! This week's episode features 2 weeks of pent up ranting about automotive news, which Cody takes full advantage of. And Alex introduces us to the new Porsche Macan, which is very good!โดย Cody Hutson & Alex Davis
Federico Collarte, CEO of Australian lidar startup Baraja, says the company's spectrum-scan technology is solving more challenges than its competitors on the road to autonomy.โดย Automotive News
CEO Mike Stanton discusses how dealers are navigating inventory woes, why retailers are crucial to ushering in electrification, and returning to Las Vegas for next year's NADA show.โดย Automotive News
MasterCars' Alex Rosenberger says securing higher-end used vehicles has become a tall order as wholesale inventory remains tight and buying from private sellers gets more difficult.โดย Automotive News
The veteran engineer and scientist, now CEO of a battery startup, discusses why it's critical for EVs to go longer distances, the need for a cheaper, safer and more sustainable alternative to nickel-cobalt, and why two batteries are better than one.โดย Automotive News
SAE International's Frank Menchaca believes a variety of alternative powertrains, such as hydrogen along with synthetic fuels, are needed in the push toward greener transportation.โดย Automotive News
Change Wind Corp.'s Jim Bardia sees his company's wind- and solar-powered vertical electric vehicle charging towers being installed at dealerships, service plazas and gas stations.โดย Automotive News
Porsche Cars North America COO Joe Lawrence says the sports car maker is on track for a record year in 2021, with the hot-selling Taycan electric sedan leading the charge.โดย Automotive News
Qualcomm's Nakul Duggal provides an update on the semiconductor shortage and explains how the rollout of 5G technology can help automakers generate new revenue streams.โดย Automotive News
Mark Rosekind is a former NHTSA administrator. Now he’s with autonomous vehicle startup Zoox, which was recently bought by Amazon. Zoox has a clever design for a vehicle that is going to be safer than anything that’s ever been on the road.โดย John McElroy
Henrik Fisker talks about his company's upcoming Ocean electric crossover, partnerships with suppliers Magna and Foxconn and goal to be cashflow positive in 2023.โดย Automotive News
Cody is living it up in Vegas, Alex is stuck doing the podcast alone this time. So he defaults to talking about some random automotive news with no purpose. What else is new?โดย Cody Hutson & Alex Davis
The venture capital firm's founding general partner tells why he sees opportunities in "zero-emission entrepreneurship," a growing role for driver monitoring and industrial AV players becoming more attractive targets than robotaxis.โดย Automotive News
Don Burnette, CEO and co-founder of Kodiak Robotics, discusses fresh investments from Bridgestone and BMW iVentures, Kodiak’s unique mapping strategy and building a truck-specific self-driving system.โดย Automotive News
Carla Bailo, CEO of the Center for Automotive Research, discusses NHTSA's new order requiring companies to report crashes involving certain automated-driving technology.โดย Automotive News
The pandemic isn't the only reason for the ongoing chip shortage. That's according to Quistem's Cathy Fisher and QAD's Terry Onica, who offer advice on avoiding future disruptions.โดย Automotive News
Experian's Brad Smith says U.S. vehicle registration statistics provide key insights, such as purchase patterns, brand loyalty and the pace of EV adoption.โดย Automotive News
From SPAC deals to tie-ups with automakers. Industry veteran Karen Francis says new entrants and big technology companies play a key role in transforming the mobility space.โดย Automotive News
Automotive News' Urvaksh Karkaria discusses the automaker's move to take its U.S. plant all-electric and make lidar sensors standard equipment in the battery-powered XC90 crossover.โดย Automotive News
American Honda's Dave Gardner talks about the automaker's plans to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles by 2040 and launch the GM-based Prologue EV in 2024.โดย Automotive News
COO Joe Tautges says the DMS giant's acquisition of digital retailing provider Roadster will give dealers the ability to deliver a more seamless shopping journey for customers.โดย Automotive News
Alex and Cody go back and forth on the best sounding engines of all time, there are some magical moments where they agree. Hard heads will prevail on the majority of the topics. Let us know which ones you would have picked!โดย Cody Hutson & Alex Davis
Hassounah's Silicon Valley startup has a Lego-like system for quickly removing and replacing battery modules. He discusses his company’s approach to swapping and what it could mean, especially for fleet and ride-share drivers.โดย Automotive News
From speeding up design concepts to enhancing the car-buying experience, Unity Technologies' Ed Martin discusses the industry's use cases for augmented and virtual reality.โดย Automotive News
Outrider CEO Andrew Smith says the startup's self-driving yard trucks are helping to move goods faster and more safely while boosting manufacturing efficiencies for automakers.โดย Automotive News
06-22-21 Tech Talk ~ Recorded Live from KOWS FM 92.5 ~ Quietness is indeed an attribute that Tech Talk host Rick DeMeis admires in a vehicle, and the 2021 Volvo XC60 did not disappoint. In fact, the entire cabin of the mid-size SUV offered up a measure of luxury that elicited an abundance of oohs and ahhs, whether it was the sumptuous accommodation…
06-22-21 Tech Talk ~ Recorded Live from KOWS FM 92.5 ~ Quietness is indeed an attribute that Tech Talk host Rick DeMeis admires in a vehicle, and the 2021 Volvo XC60 did not disappoint. In fact, the entire cabin of the mid-size SUV offered up a measure of luxury that elicited an abundance of oohsโดย RPM News
Massive investments in electric vehicles may not pay off for several years. That's according to AlixPartners' Mark Wakefield, who discusses the firm's latest Global Automotive Outlook.โดย Automotive News
The auto industry is working hard to reduce its carbon footprint. And while everyone is aware of the big push to electric cars, there are other efforts underway. One of those includes making automotive components from biomaterials. These are materials made from plants and vegetation, not from petroleum. And they’ve reached a level of sophistication…
The shift to electric vehicles. Capital gains tax concerns. And digital retailing challenges. Buy-sell consultant Mark Johnson weighs whether now is the right time for dealers to buy or sell.โดย Automotive News
In this episode, Alex and Cody kind of just turn the mic's on. Getting back to their roots, they give a ton of unsolicited opinions. They talk about the green hell and 0-60 times yet againโดย Cody Hutson & Alex Davis
Jeff Miller, assistant chief engineer on Super Cruise, discusses the latest on the driver-assist system’s planned deployment on more than 20 models by 2023, advances that now allow lane changing, and progress on other enhancements.โดย Automotive News
Lidar sensors are not just for autonomous vehicles. So says Velodyne's Jon Barad, who explains how the supplier is using them to help communities monitor traffic, pedestrians and more.โดย Automotive News
China cornered the global market for the critical metals and minerals needed to make EV motors and batteries. Now the Biden Administration wants to develop a US supply chain. Is that even possible? And if so, how long will it take? Three experts in mining and processing talk about the challenges that lie ahead.…
Mothers Against Drunk Driving Advocates Rana Abbas Taylor and Ken Snyder are urging automakers to support the HALT and RIDE acts, which are moving through Congress.โดย Automotive News
Mothers Against Drunk Driving Advocates Rana Abbas Taylor and Ken Snyder believe advanced driver-assist systems are key to preventing alcohol-related traffic deaths.โดย Automotive News
Getting customers out of leases early. And spiffs for employees. Automotive News’ David Muller says retailers are becoming more creative in their pursuit of used inventory.โดย Automotive News
Raquel Urtasun, former head of Uber ATG’s R&D efforts, discusses her new self-driving startup, new ways to utilize machine learning in self-driving systems and why trucks are the natural first use case for automated-driving tech.โดย Automotive News
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