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ITEC has embraced Israel’s children regardless of ethnic, religious, economic or social background for more than four decades. At its 17 centers across the country, ITEC seeks to instill the values of tolerance, honor, respect, and kindness. ITEC has enjoyed decades of success in imparting excellence and equality-based tennis education with tens of…
In this podcast, Neil Lazarus discusses the war in Ukraine. He discusses: How the world is defined by self-interest Israel’s middle east situation limits its response There Are Many Things Worse Than American Power. Resetting of the world order vis a vis Nato and Europe. Israel is alone -sanctions don't work Anti Israel Critics don't change…
Are Israeli settlements illegal? Are they a block to peace? Are Palestinians and Israeli settlers able to live together? Neil Lazarus from speaks to Joshua Hasten, International Spokesperson for the Gush Etzion Regional Councilโดย Neil Lazarus
Israel has woken to a nightmare. A hanged election result with the balance of power being held by Raam, an Islamic party. Will Netanyahu be defeated, or will Israel be forced into further elections? Neil Lazarus from explainsโดย Neil Lazarus
Neil Lazarus talks to Ari Melnik about his and his partner's experience as surrogate parents. The discussion addresses why a child is not detrimentally influenced by same-sex parenting and why gay couples can and should be parents.โดย Neil Lazarus
Will the Blue and White Party survive? Did Benny Gantz betray his electorate or save the country? Professor Alon Tal Candidate for the Knesset talks about his party's hopes in the upcoming elections.โดย Neil Lazarus
Muhammad Zoabi is an Israeli, an Arab, a Muslim, Zionist and Gay. Most importantly he provided an amazing interview on why life in Israel is so complicated. Forced into hiding as a teenager after receiving death threats - his story is one of a regular guy just wanting to hang out and relax despite all of the stereotypes attached to him. The discuss…
In this podcast, Neil Lazarus from talks to Dr. Laura Wharton of Meretz. The discussion is wide-ranging and addresses the crisis on Israel's political left and asks if Israel has irreversibly shifted away from a two-state solutionโดย Neil Lazarus
Neil Lazarus from talks to Miri Eisen(Col. Ret.). Miri Eisin serves on the faculty of the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, Israel, and is an associate at the International Institute, for Counter-Terrorism. Eisin served as the Israeli government spokesperson during the Second Lebanon War in 2006, and as international p…
Neil Lazarus speaks frankly to Jeremy Saltan from Naftali Bennett's Yamina Party. The discussion is wide-ranging and considers Bennett's legacy as Defense and Education Minister, Covid, The Haredim, Ben Gvir, and the Kahanists and whether Bennett will side with Netanyahu or Gideon Saar.โดย Neil Lazarus
Protesting has always been an essential part of Israel's political fabric. In this fascinating podcast keynote speaker, Neil Lazarus from, interviews journalist and educator Ittay Flescher. They discuss the simple question: what can we learn about Israeli society by examining its protest movements?…
With the killing of Solemani, there is one question yet to be answered: will there be a US-Iran war? Neil Lazarus discusses the p[ossibilities of "what next?" in an exclusive podcast recorded live in Jerusalemโดย Neil Lazarus
Given Trump's recent statements that any Jew voting Democrat is disloyal, Neil Lazarus examines the issue in more depth. Neil suggests that there is a more sinister question that needs to be answered. Given the toxic political environment in the USA this podcast is both timely and compellingโดย Neil Lazarus
What is Zionism? Racist? Colonialism or liberation movement. Neil Lazarus asks the hard questions to Professor Gil Troy Gil Troy is an American presidential historian and a popular commentator on politics and other issues. He is Professor of History at McGill University and a 2015 visiting scholar at the Brookings Institution. Troy is the author of…
Is Christian support for Israel really a blessing? Or does it have a hidden agenda? Are right-wing evangelicals upsetting the support of Israel from liberal Jewry? This hard-hitting interview discusses what is really behind Christian support for Israel?โดย Neil Lazarus
This June the Trump administration will release its peace initiative for the Middle East. In this podcast, Neil Lazarus discusses the rising tension between Iran and the United States. He discusses leaks of the Trump peace initiative and discusses questions asked by listeners.โดย Neil Lazarus
Recent data is showing a dramatic drop in support for Israel amongst millennial Jews. Is this the real crisis for Israel? What can be done to stop it? Neil Lazarus discusses the problemโดย Neil Lazarus
Neil Lazarus interviews Daniel Pomerantz, Executive Director of Honest In this hard-hitting interview Daniel explains what the essential problem of bias in the media is and answers the accusation that he is being selective in his criticism of media coverage of Israelโดย Neil Lazarus
In this podcast, Neil Lazarus discusses the latest from Gaza and the violence that has erupted. He asks whether Israel has a real strategy to deal with Gaza. Finally, he discusses why cultural appropriation is a ridiculous conceptโดย Neil Lazarus
Is Corbyn an antisemite or just misunderstood? Are the claims of antisemitism in Labour just a plot to defame the left? Neil Lazarus talks to Euan Philipps, spokesperson for the campaign against antisemitism in the Labour Partyโดย Neil Lazarus
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