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.defaultbox was founded in 2014 by Patrick Brosin and is based in Berlin. The intention was it to create a new platform for impressing techno and to represent our own rendition of this music as well as to give a space for friends and chosen artist. Simple and expressive, not more! .defaultbox artists: aem.aze || barrel || brøkk || farfalla || kegen hall || patrick brosin || visum
Default Alive

Default Alive

Two founders share an unedited look at what it's like to bootstrap a startup through weekly updates. Chris Spags is the founder of Jetboost, a suite of no-code plugins for Webflow. Corey Haines is the founder of Swipe Files, a membership site for marketers built with no-code tools. They chronicle their journeys getting to and staying "default alive": profitable, self-sustaining, with infinite runway.
Social by default är en podd om sociala medier som drivs av Sarah Larsson Bernhardt, head of social på SKF och Deeped Niclas Strandh, head of social på SEB. De tillhör några av Sveriges mest välrenommerade experter på sociala medier och har arbetat professionellt med sociala medier sen 2009.
Hey all we're Otaku by Default. We focus on two major things of being an otaku Anime and video games. Ocassionally we'll shift to movies but we are hardcore gamers and anime fans. If you dont agree with something we post drop us a line and we'll get ya into the show hopefully have you as a guest star. Enjoy the show.
Friends By Default is a weekly comedy podcast about the big questions in life, the what ifs, the philosophical questions, the hypothetical scenarios that everyone wonders about, like are we just vessels for ghosts waiting to be freed? How would you pull off the greatest heist of all time? And how would you run a local business that deals in creating personal portable hells? All that and more are discussed by the hosts Brooks Vernon, Zach Teal, Liam Wallace, and Josh Yaskovich, and they'll at ...
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Corey is heads-down creating newsletter content and begins niching down to SaaS marketing. Chris and the Jetboost team kick off September on a shipping spree. They also talk about energy ebbs and flows and Intuit acquiring Mailchimp for $12B. Ask us a question → Notable mentions: Axios: Intuit Acquires Mailchimp for $12B How I Built This: Mailchimp…
The new normal. Unprecedented times. Pandemic. These phrases have become part of the fabric of our society over the last 18 months. While everyone deals with the Covid-19 Pandemic, many are also facing the mental health pandemic that comes as a...โดย Your Name Here
Vi är tillbaka och inte nog med det - i slutet kommer en riktigt smaskig nyhet. Men innan dess så pratar vi om hur vi i sommar insett mer av Apple Fitness sociala sida och om att Instagram tänker döda swipe-ups. Vi ger också våra tips om hur man som ansvarig för sociala medier kan kickstarta hösten genom att göra olika former av audits och helt enk…
Family identity and traditions. Whether your family is one that you run to at Christmas or pretend that you didn’t get their voicemail, the truth is that we are all connected to someone, somehow. The Church is a family as well, and deals with many...โดย Your Name Here
Sexual orientation and transgender identity. Often times, the church tends to shy away from these topics because they can feel inappropriate or uncomfortable. The problem is that when we ignore the tough conversations we miss what God has to say and...โดย Your Name Here
.defaultbox Podcast 066 -[.d e f a u l t b o x]โดย .defaultbox
Corey explores niching down to focus on SaaS marketing and increasing pricing for Swipe Files. Chris shares how Jetboost is growing up. They also talk about MicroAcquires financing partnerships to make acquisitions more accessible. Ask us a question → Notable mentions: Jetboost's big update 1,000 True Fans? Try 100 Andrew Gazdecki…
Let’s be honest: even in the best times, marriage can be difficult. From the outside, two different people trying to live together might seem like an impossible task, but it is in fact God’s example to us of Jesus’ relationship with the Church....โดย Your Name Here
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