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Brexitland ist der Podcast von Christiane Link und Charlotte Spencer-Smith - einer Deutschen in London und einer Britin in Wien. Wir versuchen der deutschsprachigen Welt den Brexit zu erklären, unterhalten uns darüber, wie das alles passieren konnte und kommentieren die britische und europäische Politik während der Austrittsverhandlungen und was wir sonst noch für kommentierenswert halten.
We want to offer you some much needed clarity on Brexit by bringing in the most straight-talking experts from all fields, as well as normal people from all walks of life and from both sides of the issue, to document a snapshot of public opinion about this generation-defining issue.
Paddy Wants To Know Brexit, is a podcast that seeks to explain Brexit to an Irish audience. Each episode will try and explain what's been happening in the preceding few weeks in the messy world of Brexit negotiations and explain how it will affect Ireland. The hosts, Brian Mahon, Jack Good and Niamh Mahon will then interview someone who has something to say on Brexit, it could be anyone from an academic to a farmer, or even someone who thinks Brexit is a good idea.
The UK has left the EU, and the transition period after Brexit concludes at the end of 2020. In Brexit Ready we're talking to businesses all over London, finding out about them, and the challenges they face because of Brexit. Whether it's labelling, exporting or staffing we'll bring them together with experts to help them find solutions that will help their businesses continue to grow. Commissioned by West London Business for the London Business Hub. See for privacy and opt ...
Christian Spence, Alex Davis and Jonathan Beardmore guide you through the events in Brexit. Brexit is the biggest political event in a generation, but the sheer amount of information can make it hard to keep up. Each week we will seek to ease you through a story which will be with us for years to come, discussing the past, present, and future of Brexit Britain. Join us, three interlopers into the brave new world, as well as experts and business leaders, as we seek to cut through the noise an ...
We delve into the nitty gritty of Brexit and try to make some sort of sense of it, bringing you episodes as and when you need them. We’ll be hearing from Britons and Europeans, leavers and remainers, politicians and ordinary people, economists, businessmen, lawyers, researchers, campaigners and many more about what Brexit means for them, for the UK and for the EU, how it might work – and how it might not. It's a podcast that can’t get enough of experts ... and we want to hear from you too
Alice In Brexitland by Leavis Carroll read by Julian-Rhind Tutt. Check out the new Alice In Brexitland podcast taken from the bestselling book. A perfect bedtime story or perhaps a nightmare you may never wake up from! Lying on a riverbank on a lazy summer’s afternoon – 23rd June 2016, to be precise – Alice spots a flustered-looking white rabbit called Dave calling for a referendum. Following him down a rabbit-hole, she emerges into a strange new land, where up is down, black is white, exper ...
Welcome to Brexit: The Final Countdown, your weekly discussion, debate and analysis on Brexit brought to you by the Express. With a lineup of impressive guests each week, Brexit: The Final Countdown seeks to be your trusty companion as we negotiate the deal, the Cabinet, the Government, Parliament, Europe and almost everything else as the deadline approaches. Always informative and mostly funny, join us as we countdown to March and beyond.
When you think about Brits Abroad, you probably have some clear ideas about who they are. Pensioners soaking up the sun in Spain is probably top of that list. What if I told you that 79% of the British population living in the EU-27 are of working age and below? Or that Britain has one of the highest emigration rates in the world? This is a podcast all about what Brexit means to and for British citizens living in the EU27. Hosted by Dr Michaela Benson, it focuses on Brexit as it takes place ...
From the team behind the No 1 Hit podcast, Untold: the Daniel Morgan Murder, comes another inside story of a crime - in this case the hacking, data misuse, illegal financing and potential interference in the EU referendum. Orwell Prize winning journalist Carole Cadwalladr lays out the evidence with Peter Jukes and asks: why hasn't the UK got a proper investigation into wrongdoing See for privacy and opt-out information.
A surprising and thought-provoking journey across the UK, recorded in the wake of Article 50. The shock, delight and polarisation of the EU referendum revealed the extent of the divisions within the UK. 9 months later we took the triggering of Article 50 as an opportunity. As the UK formally began the process of leaving the European Union, we set out on a listening journey through the four countries of the UK. We wanted to go beyond the stereotypes and headlines that seemed to be making dial ...
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Cologne - for the podcast that has everything: Europe Editor Tony Connelly catches up with Olaf Scholz. London Correspondent Seán Whelan talks to EU Commissioner Máiréad McGuinness about EU-UK co-operation post-Brexit. Also: Ex-Taoiseach Enda Kenny's reflections on Angela Merkel's Brexit approach. Host: Colm Ó Mongáin… - Transport Minister Grant Shapps on Sunday called on Britons to behave normally when buying petrol, saying there was no shortage of fuel and the government was stepping in to ease a shortage of driver… Tweeted by @GETAnalysisโดย Radio Free UK - Long queues have formed at petrol stations again, with the problem worse in cities amid panic buying; the government is considering calling in the army to solve the shortage of truck drivers; up to 9… Tweeted by @glenharveyjones… - The UK defence secretary cuts steel on the first of five warships to be built at Babcock's facility in Fife. Tweeted by @spyblogโดย Radio Free UK - Continental Europe’s iron lady exits the stage after 16 years in power, with neither Germany nor Europe clearly better to show for it. Tweeted by @Osburn619โดย Radio Free UK - Production forecast to plunge by 29% after unseasonal spring weather damages grapes on vine Tweeted by @jsinclair29โดย Radio Free UK - ‘The protocol has introduced seismic changes in the constitutional position’ Tweeted by @nealerichmondโดย Radio Free UK - Issuing of short-term skilled worker visas not ruled out amid petrol supply concerns Tweeted by @JamesEGodfreyโดย Radio Free UK - just in case Johnny Foreigner turns his nose up at Boris' 6 month visa, the ungrateful bastards! Tweeted by @StuartSorensenโดย Radio Free UK - The Business Revitalisation Grant for Mendip is a discretionary grant fund to assist businesses in the Mendip District to adapt and revitalise to meet the challenges and opportunities of the emerging… Tweeted by @MendipEconomy… - THE headline and article in The National explaining that even a lost court case on the right of Scotland to hold a second referendum… Tweeted by @SunScotNationalโดย Radio Free UK - Encyclopedia of Jewish and Israeli history, politics and culture, with biographies, statistics, articles and documents on topics from anti-Semitism to Zionism. Tweeted by @etihwvโดย Radio Free UK - It's 70 years since Nye Bevan claimed the Tories were 'lower than vermin'. The speech took on a life of its own; to some it cost Labour two million votes at a general election, blighted his career an… Tweeted by @etxberria55… - Brexit is "obviously a contributory factor" to the shortage of HGV drivers that is having a knock-on effect across the economy, the shadow chancellor has told Sky News. Tweeted by @euromoveโดย Radio Free UK - Tough controls on immigration, a restricted role for European courts, a new politics of patriotism: why is the EU’s former Brexit chief negotiator, now running for the French presidency, sounding mor… Tweeted by @LaTravelleโดย Radio Free UK - The Prime Minister has a vision for a "shared society". Yet, the Brexit vote revealed that large sections of the population have a vision for an old order. Tony Tweeted by @policy_centreโดย Radio Free UK - EU lorry drivers will not come back to help the UK “out of the s*** they created themselves”, a trade union leader has warned. Tweeted by @mireille_pougetโดย Radio Free UK - A FIGHT has broken out at a busy petrol station in Portsmouth as queues continue for a second day. Tweeted by @Patthedog5โดย Radio Free UK - 1. We will always put hard-working families and their priorities first. Why? What is a hard-working family? In the United Kingdom in 2021, 2. If you work hard and play by the rules, you should be rew… Tweeted by @MarkHazard2020… - A haulage company in Co Antrim has not received any personal warnings of avoiding certain fuel stations in the mainland UK as supply problems forced some businesses to close their forecourts. Tweeted by @PeterAllen2004… - Letter from the Cabinet Secretary for Constitution, External Affairs and Culture Angus Robertson MSP to Home Secretary Priti Patel urging changes to immigration rules to address acute labour market s… Tweeted by @ScotGovEuropeโดย Radio Free UK - External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson calls for urgent action from Westminster over temporary visas. Tweeted by @mdf200โดย Radio Free UK - It’s impossible to escape the fact that Britain is now caught in an escalating crisis. It has multiple moving parts which interact in comple... Tweeted by @MickMikeltโดย Radio Free UK - We’re faced with empty shelves and driver shortages. Yet those in charge today seem totally out of their depth, says Guardian columnist John Harris Tweeted by @giu33lianaโดย Radio Free UK - Ministers suspend Competition Act to allow oil firms to co-ordinate supplies as crisis deepens Tweeted by @NewsNews__Newsโดย Radio Free UK - Ministers to discuss emergency plan Operation Escalin after BP reveals a third of forecourts have shortages Tweeted by @DuchessFridaโดย Radio Free UK - Shortage of toilet roles likely because Britain opens its borders again. European lorry drivers who caused toilet roll shortages to be let back in causing... Tweeted by @simon_prestneyโดย Radio Free UK - A PETROL station employee has opened up to the Journal about what it was like to work during a weekend of fuel shortages and panic buying. Tweeted by @Minzoparadeโดย Radio Free UK - OF all the meaningful phrases crafted by William Shakespeare, the one that keeps returning to my mind is the first line from Richard III: “Now is… Tweeted by @yeshubpkโดย Radio Free UK - When it comes to importing goods after Brexit, there are a number of administrative tasks and calculations that need to take place! Since the 1st January 2021, on the date that the UK formally left t… Tweeted by @SpeedyFreight… - Chemists wait for details of measures to ensure driver shortages don’t delay deliveries of prescription drugs Tweeted by @Wulf_Helmโดย Radio Free UK - Labour’s centrists seem to think attacking Jeremy Corbyn, rather than attacking austerity, is the key to electoral success, says Guardian columnist Dawn Foster Tweeted by @OmarBaggiliโดย Radio Free UK - After a very successful day at The Lunch Festival & Casual Dining Show with the team yesterday meeting clients old & new - it felt like a bit of normali... Tweeted by @pierecruitmentโดย Radio Free UK - Progressives will never dominate English politics without confronting Churchillism. Tweeted by @JKLDNMADโดย Radio Free UK - FORMER first minister Henry McLeish has said Scotland could be independent "tomorrow" and he would support it if he believed the Union… Tweeted by @barclay_normaโดย Radio Free UK - With motorists panic-buying fuel, Boris Johnson is now open to a U-turn on Brexit immigration rules. It is a chastening saga Tweeted by @Patthedog5โดย Radio Free UK - CHICHESTER, UK: As vintage vehicles of all shapes and sizes from the last century roared around England’s Goodwood Motor Circuit last weekend, something stood out to seasoned observers: far fewer car… Tweeted by @kuwaittimesnews… - “Outward looking”? “At the heart” of global networks? Current events reveal an isolated, mid-sized nation battling to maintain its international relevance. Tweeted by @Patthedog5โดย Radio Free UK - ATC-repped Squid and Black Country, New Road are some of the first UK acts to pull Spain dates from a European tour due to Brexit-related visa difficulties Tweeted by @T_J_Chambersโดย Radio Free UK - Businesswoman Gina Miller is planning to lead the True and Fair party into elections to take on the 'current politics of incompetence and self-interest'. Tweeted by @Olicanaramaโดย Radio Free UK - While seven plagues are described in Revelation, there is still a great deal of confusion around each. Here are seven fascinating facts about the seven plagues of Revelation. Tweeted by @bad_trashpandaโดย Radio Free UK - With panic-buying at petrol stations and soaring energy prices, this could have been the Labour leader’s moment to shine Tweeted by @walkhikeaholicโดย Radio Free UK - Stock shortages may be affecting major stores and it’s another reason to support local business Tweeted by @newcastle_worldโดย Radio Free UK - 26th September 2021 Ebeneezer Blackadder: In fact, there is something in your stocking, Baldrick, something I made for you. Baldrick: Ah, well that’s the best kind of gift, Mr. B. What is it?… Tweeted by @BrexitFailsโดย Radio Free UK
With acres of ground to cover on medicines in Northern Ireland, supply chain issues in the UK and an Imperial return, Europe Editor Tony Connelly, London Correspondent Seán Whelan & Deputy Foreign Editor Colm Ó Mongáin go the extra mile. Guest: Ian Wright, FDF CEO Ian Wrightโดย RTÉ
The EU's Maros Sefcovic says 'No' to renegotiating the NI Protocol, while Jeffrey Donaldson says 'Maybe' to the DUP exiting Stormont. RTÉ Europe Editor Tony Connelly, London Correspondent Seán Whelan & Deputy Foreign Editor Colm Ó Mongáin catch up on developments - including The Black Spot. Guest: Prof. Jon Tonge, University of Liverpool.…
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