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Hosted by Psychology Professor, Personal Leadership and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Public Speaker, and former School Counselor, Ryan David. Ryan is the founder and CEO of The Ryan David Foundation, a company dedicated to personal growth, education, development, and psychological awareness. Real Talk is an informative, educational, opinionated outlet for Ryan to share his insight, perspective, and expertise with the world. A wide range of topics related to human behavior and personal developme ...
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The word anxiety is thrown around a lot, so much so that you would think every other person you meet has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder...but that's not the case. Many people, particularly young women, will tell you they suffer from anxiety. And while I believe they do absolutely feel anxious, most don't actually suffer from clinical anxie…
What's happening in a local inner city neighborhood in Toledo, Ohio? Our eyes see a community that's overlooked, neglected, & forsaken.... but heaven has a different perspective.
There is a decision we all have to make, which will determine our destinies. Will we conform and live "normal", or will we defy all odds to become free? Find out more on today's podcast, Making The Decision, Hosted by Ryan David
In this episode: Self-esteem: what it consists of, ingredients and aspects that influence it, and how different parenting styles play a role and impact the development of it, for better or worse. Send comments and feedback to podcast@theryandavid.com
In this episode: A conversation about gun control, the psychology behind terrorism, and the role of mental health. Also, a look at constitutional rights vs safety, and privacy vs national security. Send comments and feedback to podcast@theryandavid.com
In this episode: Why kids are difficult, how to be the best parent you can be, and the psychology of attraction and why appearance matters. Send comments and feedback to podcast@theryandavid.com
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