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I did it, gang! 52 weeks and 52 episodes (plus four bonus episodes, just saying) and the Pony Tricks Comic Cast has come to an end. It's been real, it's been fun, it's been real fun, but now I need to go a week without talking to myself out load about comic books. Don't worry though, a new podcast will be coming to Pony Tricks soon enough.This week…
Next week is the Pony Tricks Comic Cast finale! But this week is the Ultimate Penultimate Extravaganza! Join me as I count 10 penultimate television episodes and roll your eyes as I poorly recount details from the 1966 Batman television series! One more to go folks!This week: All-New Captain America, Avengers v. X-Men: Axis, Batgirl, Batman, Outcas…
I may only have three books to talk about this week but trust me when I say that I more than make up for it with an in depth discussion of a whole slew of specific, personal peeves. Its practically peeve central up in here. You're totally going to love it.This week: Saga, Swamp Thing, Wonder Womanโดย Pony Tricks Comic Cast
Well, I went to go see Book of Life, so I hope you're ready for an earful. On the bright side, I correctly identified this episode's number while recording, so that's something.This week: Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers + X-Men: Axis, Multiversity, Superman, The Walking Deadโดย Pony Tricks Comic Cast
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