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God uses crisis in life to wake us up and help us see what truly matters. Naaman would have gone through life trusting himself and all his achievements, but now God brought a halt to this journey – the crisis led him to the God of Israel.Read online:
As we look at the story of Abimelech it reads like a screenplay written to demonstrate the pitfalls of Human wisdom. To fully appreciate the wisdom God means for us to glean from this passage the question we must ask ourselves is what’s wrong with doing what seems right in our own eyes? There are at least four obvious areas where Human wisdom fails…
The Israelites saw Gideon as a saviour; Gideon saw the Lord as Saviour and humbly points them to God (8:22-23) and while I wish we could end Gideon’s story on this up-note, his legacy ends with sadness. Read online:
Sometimes it may seem like God isn’t doing much in our lives and that we are just walking around some sort of wilderness. But even when to us it looks like there is no direction, God is building us and making us stronger. No time in our life is wasted if we are walking with God. It is essential for us to remember that God is still in the business o…
Moses’ own sister and brother let their tongues loose and before you know it they were saying things they would later regret. Have you ever done the same? How then do you keep yourself from making a mess with your mouth? Here are some questions to ask yourself before you loosen your lips for criticism.Read online:…
The children of Israel expected more and more out of God. They weren’t content with what they had. So they started to complain. Rather than to bite their tongues and not grumble; they thought it better to bite the hand that feeds them. Read online:…
Today’s reading shows us that the people had to look to see if the Cloud was moving each and every day. This passage reminds me of our instructions in Hebrews 12:1-2 which says that we should 'Fix our eyes upon Jesus'. Read online:
In Numbers chapter 2, God deals with the camp, and their breaking of camp. God’s instructions reached every aspect of their lives and so should they ours! Here are five principles from God’s design that we too must implement.Read online:
Although Number might seem like a hard read at first glance, what we will recognize once more is that it is an exact picture of our need. Just like the Hebrews we are travelling towards the promise which God has prepared for us. Read online:
How would you like to know the solution to never again get a traffic ticket? I have the answer, and what is even better it doesn’t cost a penny. The solution in three simple words is ...Read online:
we should give God first place in our lives, in everything that we are, think, say or do. We are called daily to offer everything in our lives, holding nothing back, to him to use in the way that he would choose. When we surrender everything to him, we will see Him do amazing things in our lives.Read online:…
By the cleansing power of His Word and the sanctifying influence of His Holy Spirit, it is possible for us to remain "clean in a dirty place." God (JEHOVAH-M’KADDESH) sets us apart to enjoy life in Him.Read online:
The title for Leviticus 19 in the NLT Bible is called ‘Holiness in Personal Conduct’. I want to stay with this theme and look at what are some of the Biblical guidelines for Holiness in Personal Conduct?Read online at:
The leprosy of sin is destroying many homes around the world today, but the good news is God has given us a prescription to deal with it and a promise which says “You shall be holy for I am holy.” (Lev 11:44,45)
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