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Home of the Hero Support Records Pod Network!! The Punk Rock Movie Discussion! - Punk People from Punk Things talking movies!! As a musician in the punk scene.. you meet lots of musicians and music types.. Dewayne Burns (Hero Support Records) gabs with fellow musicians and such about their favorite flicks.. because why would musicians talk about music...Find all the Hero Support band releases at >>www.herosupport.bandcamp.com << Podcast theme - Sleeping Bag by Get Bent
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Kicking off what I'm calling the post pandemic Season 2 today with a long discussion about Paul Verhoeven's action classic Robocop from 1987 w/ Peter Lehman of Les Merry Chevaliers https://www.facebook.com/LesMerryChevaliers https://twitter.com/merrychevaliers https://www.instagram.com/merrychevaliers Check out LMC's new single Anyhow Anyway at the…
Deep in the bowels of Cybertron.. I talk "Transformers The Movie" from 1986 w/ Daris King.. Formally of Network of Terror, If It Doesn't Kill You, and Hovel. Presently in Clout Funeral!! He also runs Backdoor Records and books Backdoor Upstairs!! Follow @cloutfuneral on Instagram and as always https://www.herosupport.bandcamp.com…
Sitting down with Aaron Bragg to discuss the 1986 Josh Brolin ripper "Thrashin"!! Check out Lewis Turn Out on HSR https://herosupport.bandcamp.com/album/the-whole-ball-of-waxโดย Hero Support Records
This time around, we are here to do two things...Chew bubblegum and talk about John Carpenter's classic.. "They Live!" and we are all out of bubblegum!! w/ Jason Bailey and Josh Neeley https://herosupport.bandcamp.com/album/the-map-says-were-fucked-discographyโดย Hero Support Records
Dewayne Burns from Hero Support Records talks the Cronenberg classic, "The Dead Zone" w/ Taylor Jenkins from Hearts on Fire!! Check out Hearts on Fire here!! https://heartsonfirecharleston.bandcamp.com/ and as always Hero Support Records here https://herosupport.bandcamp.com/โดย Hero Support Records
Dewayne Burns from Hero Support Records gabs with Clean Gene from the band Chunx about his love of B Movies and the 1993 film by Joe Dante, "Matinee" Check out Chunx here and soon from Hero Support Records https://chunx.bandcamp.com/releases https://herosupport.bandcamp.com/โดย Hero Support Records
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