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The greatest snooze-button deterrent in the history of Des Moines radio was the old “Lou and Larry in the Morning Show” on KGGO-FM. The show lasted nearly 30 years with various hosts before corporate owners ditched it in 2011. They gathered with Register columnist Dan Finney at the Register offices to talk about the good ol' days.…
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced 10 hours of hearings in front of congress last week trying to explain how it handles user data along with questions about Russia and the 2016 election. How much of those ten hours will actually apply to the platforms 2 billion users? We explore that question and offer a few insights on how to protect y…
This week, tariffs were lobbed back and forth between the U.S. and China in what some fear could break out into an all out trade war. Donnelle Eller, a reporter at the Register who covers the ag industry, joins us on the first edition of the, "Hey, did you hear?" podcast to help us understand what those big numbers actually mean.…
Four people were killed Saturday, including two Des Moines police officers, when a car driving the wrong way on the interstate struck the police car, authorities said.Listen to audio as authorities were made aware of the crash early Saturday morning.โดย Des Moines Register
Former Drake men's basketball coach and current Central Michigan head coach Keno Davis recaps the 2008 NCAA Tournament game the Bulldogs lost by a last-second shot by Western Kentucky.โดย Des Moines Register
Former Northern Iowa guard Johnny Moran takes a look back at Ali Farokhmanesh's 3-point shot that sealed the upset victory for the Panthers in the 2010 NCAA Tournament against then-No. 1 seed Kansas.โดย Des Moines Register
Former Northern Iowa guard Kwadzo Ahelegbe looks back at the 2010 NCAA Tournament, specifically when the Panthers upset then-No. 1 seed Kansas and the closing minutes of that game.โดย Des Moines Register
Current Northern Iowa men's basketball coach Ben Jacobson recaps the shot that former UNI guard Ali Farokhmanesh that sealed the upset win over then-No. 1 seed Kansas in the 2010 NCAA Tournament.โดย Des Moines Register
Former Northern Iowa guard Ali Farokhmanesh says he still gets goosebumps when he sees his 3-point basket that sealed the upset in the 2010 NCAA Tournament against then-No. 1 seed Kansas.โดย Des Moines Register
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