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AutoForecast Solutions' Sam Fiorani says the semiconductor supply crunch will likely persist for some time, as chipmakers continue to prioritize electronics customers over automakers.โดย Automotive News
Our January 2021 talk with ex-NHTSA boss Heidi King focused on potential transportation initiatives under the Biden administration and how the pandemic has shifted mobility habits.โดย Automotive News
Automotive News' outgoing publisher bids farewell to an 18-year career at the publication. Stein recalls his early days as a reporter, interviewing Tesla CEO Elon Musk and an unforgettable meeting with GM boss Mary Barra.โดย Automotive News
SEMA's show director discusses what attendees can expect from this year's in-person trade event, which will continue to showcase the auto sector's electrification and customization efforts.โดย Automotive News
Automotive News' Lindsay VanHulle examines the latest developments in the federal tax evasion case against former Reynolds and Reynolds CEO Bob Brockman.โดย Automotive News
AutomotiveMastermind's Marco Schnabl says while online-only sales models are growing exponentially, traditional brick-and-mortar stores remain vital to the auto retail industry.โดย Automotive News
TechForce Foundation's Jennifer Maher wants to fix misconceptions about auto technician careers. She explains why stigmas still linger and how to groom the next generation of talent.โดย Automotive News
The CEO of Maroone USA says while his stores in Florida and Colorado are seeing record profitability, he's keeping chips, people and the push toward electrification top of mind.โดย Automotive News
Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. shares how the brand eclipsed rivals to top one of the industry's most closely watched reports for the first time.โดย Automotive News
General Motors' Fairfax plant has been idled for months as the automaker prioritizes pickup and SUV production amid the chip crisis. Automotive News' Hannah Lutz weighs in on the topic.โดย Automotive News
Cox Automotive boss Steve Rowley opens up about the company's acquisition of Spiers New Technologies and efforts to become a leader in the electric vehicle battery space.โดย Automotive News
J.D. Power's Brent Gruber discusses the firm's inaugural study on public electric vehicle charging experiences and the industry's hurdles to widespread adoption of EVs.โดย Automotive News
Legal expert Justin Savage chats about the legalities of going public via a special-purpose acquisition company and lessons learned from recent probes into some EV startups.โดย Automotive News
Jeff Merritt of the World Economic Forum explains how the organization is looking to bring businesses and local governments together to solve transportation challenges within cities.โดย Automotive News
Autotech Ventures' Alexei Andreev talks about the state of the semiconductor shortage and the pandemic's continued impact on mobility and digital retailing.โดย Automotive News
Our August 2020 discussion with Alexa Auto's Arianne Walker focused on Amazon's efforts to expand the capabilities of its in-vehicle voice assistant.โดย Automotive News
Can Hyundai capture a slice of the growing compact pickup segment in the U.S. with the Santa Cruz? Automotive News' Laurence Iliff weighs in on the topic.โดย Automotive News
Our September 2020 chat with Deloitte's Simon Dixon focused on the changing mobility landscape in major cities and how their transport systems can thrive in the future.โดย Automotive News
We revisit our October 2020 episode examining the state of U.S. manufacturing, the stigma around jobs in the sector and China's dominance in the semiconductor industry.โดย Automotive News
We revisit our December 2020 episode exploring the use cases for BlackBerry and Amazon Web Services' cloud-based vehicle data platform dubbed BlackBerry IVY.โดย Automotive News
We revisit our August 2020 chat with Ridecell's Mark Thomas, who discussed shared mobility business models and why vehicle subscription services aren't dead.โดย Automotive News
McKinsey & Co. Senior Partner Hans-Werner Kaas discusses how the auto industry can boost productivity through manufacturing and software innovation.โดย Automotive News
Bloomberg Intelligence's Joel Levington analyzes the captive finance space and explains why the microchip shortage is a "huge boost" for automakers' lending arms.โดย Automotive News
From President Joe Biden's EV goal to a $3.5 trillion infrastructure proposal, we discuss the auto industry's presence in Washington, D.C., and potential 'horse-trading' on the horizon.โดย Automotive News
We revisit our October 2020 talk with Bob Shuman, who discussed the "stresses" of being a dealer and why he exited the auto industry.โดย Automotive News
We revisit our November 2020 talk with Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe, who discussed the startup's EV cadence, production ramp-up and U.S. retail strategy.โดย Automotive News
We revisit our August 2020 talk with dealer Brian Benstock, who discussed how COVID impacted his Paragon Honda and Acura stores in New York and why Tesla is on his radar.โดย Automotive News
We revisit our March 2021 talk with Hyundai's Olabisi Boyle, who discussed the automaker's diversity push, product lineup and quest to become a smart mobility company by 2025.โดย Automotive News
The Wall Street Journal's Tim Higgins discusses his new book about the threats to the industry sparked by electric vehicle maker Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk.โดย Automotive News
The Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association's Jerry Quandt talks about the opportunities in the state for automakers, suppliers and tech giants to tap into mobility initiatives.โดย Automotive News
Federico Collarte, CEO of Australian lidar startup Baraja, says the company's spectrum-scan technology is solving more challenges than its competitors on the road to autonomy.โดย Automotive News
CEO Mike Stanton discusses how dealers are navigating inventory woes, why retailers are crucial to ushering in electrification, and returning to Las Vegas for next year's NADA show.โดย Automotive News
MasterCars' Alex Rosenberger says securing higher-end used vehicles has become a tall order as wholesale inventory remains tight and buying from private sellers gets more difficult.โดย Automotive News
SAE International's Frank Menchaca believes a variety of alternative powertrains, such as hydrogen along with synthetic fuels, are needed in the push toward greener transportation.โดย Automotive News
Change Wind Corp.'s Jim Bardia sees his company's wind- and solar-powered vertical electric vehicle charging towers being installed at dealerships, service plazas and gas stations.โดย Automotive News
Porsche Cars North America COO Joe Lawrence says the sports car maker is on track for a record year in 2021, with the hot-selling Taycan electric sedan leading the charge.โดย Automotive News
Qualcomm's Nakul Duggal provides an update on the semiconductor shortage and explains how the rollout of 5G technology can help automakers generate new revenue streams.โดย Automotive News
Henrik Fisker talks about his company's upcoming Ocean electric crossover, partnerships with suppliers Magna and Foxconn and goal to be cashflow positive in 2023.โดย Automotive News
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