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How to Get Our Prayers Answered?On a general level, Christians struggle getting "answers" to their prayers. So lets examine our prayers with the Word of God and see how it compares to the demonstration that Jesus has given us.โดย The Movement Church
We love all people from every form of walk, but Jesus calls everyone to repent. The LGBTQ and the liar. The murderer and the thief. The cheaters/adulterers, the swindlers, the lustful men and women, even the one who has bitterness. All have fallen short of the Glory of God and MUST REPENT. Leave all sin and take up the cross with Jesus Christ. All …
In today's podcast, Pastor Carey discusses eternal security. Can you lose your salvation? Does the elect exist? Pastor Carey breaks down Calvinism vs. Arminianism and what the Bible says.โดย Movement Church
A new set of discussions we're calling "Come and See the Jesus The Bible Talks About". We are going to read various parts of the bible to evaluate who Jesus really is and then also look at what a true disciple of Jesus looks like.โดย The Movement Church
In today's podcast, Pastor Carey and Meghan are back! They're discussing Christians and rest. What does it look like to take care of both your body and soul? How do we guard the Sabbath? Why is rest so important? Tune in to hear them tackle all these things!โดย Movement Church
Is it ok to drink? What does the Bible say regarding alcohol? In today's podcast, Pastor Carey unpacks Christians and alcohol, church history and the saloon age, and the Biblical perspective on alcohol.โดย Movement Church
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