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A bonus interview featuring the the writer, Mukuka Chipanta and the narrators, Saka Chipanta and Muzala Shimukowa, moderated by Becky Parker-Geist. Get the inside story on the making of the second season of Kutika!โดย Mukuka Chipanta
In the last episode we learned about Pastor Lusambo’s wife Mable and how wounds from her past have colored her present. In this episode we return to Mable’s rival, mama Betty as she arrives in Kitwe. Will she finally find her son?โดย Mukuka Chipanta
Worried about his congregant, in the last episode we saw Pastor Elijah Lusambo make a decision to go and seek help in Kasama. However, his genuine concern for mama Betty Chushi is sowing discord in the Pastor’s home, his wife Mable feels increasingly threatened by her husband’s affection towards Betty.…
In the last episode we learned about Betty Chushi’s son and how he was the pride of the village after having excelled in the national school examinations. An entire village rallying to put money together to make sure the boy left on a scholarship to attend a prestigious boarding school in the city. Now she must find her boy.…
In the last episode, Betty Chushi meets a stranger who rescues her from a young rascal intent on taking advantage of her at a busy bus terminal. Now she begins her journey to the city gripped with a sense of foreboding about the fate of her missing son.โดย Mukuka Chipanta
In the last episode, a distraught Mama Betty Chushi searching for her missing son, left her village to seek help from her son’s estranged father, Barnabas. With Barnabas unwilling to help her, Betty decided to take matters into her own hands and make the long journey to the city in search of her boy.…
It all reaches a head in this season's final episode. Mama Harriet seeks audience with Archbishop Kampamba, Fr. Emmanuel, Zelda,bashi Chali and even ba Misheck are all swept up in the maelstrom. Will St. Augustine's Parish ever be the same again?โดย Mukuka Chipanta
Mama Harriet is upset about how her various sources of information have failed her. Undeterred, she is determined to unmask the philandering within St. Augustine's Parish. Meanwhile, the unexpected occurs turning everything on its head.โดย Mukuka Chipanta
Archbishop Kampamba makes sweeping changes at St. Augustine's Parish to the surprise of the congregation. Meanwhile, Zelda is terrified about being found out about her affair. Will things come to a head?โดย Mukuka Chipanta
Fr. Emmanuel's day of reckoning with the Archbishop arrives. Will he survive the bishop's wrath? Meanwhile, Mama Harriet keeps a watchful eye on her housemaid, Zelda, as she looks to unearth the truth about what has been transpiring under her nose.โดย Mukuka Chipanta
Things stand in a delicate balance as Mama Harriet welcomes Father Emmanuel into her home. Will she smell a rat and unearth his secret? And what will become of Zelda, her housemaid, how will she deal with the young priest’s unexpected arrival?โดย Mukuka Chipanta
Young Fr. Emmanuel Zimba is a popular new priest at St. Augustine's Catholic Church. He has just been invited to administer a blessing on a female parishioner's home but the invitation may not be as innocent as he thinks. Preoccupied by a disturbing letter he has received from the Archbishop, the young priest might be in for a surprise!…
Kutika! is a new literary podcast featuring modern African short stories written by aerospace engineer and award winning author of A Casualty of Power, Mukuka Chipanta. The stories tackle topical issues facing Africa today - love, life, religion, gender and more. Please subscribe and leave a rating.โดย Mukuka Chipanta
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