Janeway สาธารณะ
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Doctor Janeway's Plague

Doctor Janeway's Plague

John Farrell

In this podiobook: A science-fiction thriller about an astronomer who discovers a source of cosmic rays which may be the origin of an ancient plague reviving once again.A young woman reaches Cambridge in search of a distant relative whom she believes has lived longer than any other human being.An astronomer discovers a strange, point-like source of cosmic rays coming from the constellation of the Unicorn.A retiring professor discovers documents from Puritan times about a series of strange de ...
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-In this episode: Ethan visits Leon during his recovery in the hospital; they later meet with Glen DisStasio--while Jean heads to Connecticut to correlate more documentary evidence of Doctor Janeway's mysterious puritan cult.
-In this episode: While exploring Doctor Janeway's house, Miriam discovers the store of unusual minerals the minister uses to mix in his drinking water. No sooner has she left the house with a sample, she is attacked by the wandering vagrant.
-In this episode: Nancy helps Leon discover Puritan manuscripts documenting the existence of a Rev. Janeway during a string of mysterious disappearances in the early days of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Can it be the same man?
-In this episode: Janeway provides lodging to his long-lost relative and agrees to let her help him in his new mission. At Oak Ridge, Glen and Irwin continue monitoring the source of cosmic rays. The Unicorn is attracting the attention of other observatories.
-In this episode: A homeless man witnesses the return of The Reverend Doctor Janeway to the streets of Cambridge. After Janeway provides an addictive potion to him, as well as the ailing pastor of Saint Paul's, another night-walker arrives claiming a special connectio
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