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Interfaith Voices provides engaging and informative discussion on the key public issues of our day through the lenses of many different faith perspectives. We foster religious tolerance and educate our listeners on the broad diversity of religious traditions and viewpoints in the United States. This podcast feed is for the hour-long version of the program.
This is the official podcast of the Texas Interfaith Center for Public Policy. The TICPP is a faith-based 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to help people of faith participate faithfully and effectively in public policy discussions concerning broad religious social concerns through non-partisan education on policy issues and training in civic participation. From food and mental health to the theology of creation care, the Interfaith Center is committed to developing people of faith into well-ed ...
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Muslims and Mormons and Muad-dib oh my!Guests Ali Karjoo-Ravary, professor of Islamic studies at Bucknell University, and Michael Haycock, Christian Life Coordinator at Georgetown University, dish out all the nerdy takes on the intersection of religion and sci fi / fantasy.We discuss the Islamic influences in Frank Herbert's Dune, Christian themes …
Finding interfaith allies on protest lines and in hair salons.My guests are Taneeza Islam, Executive Director of South Dakota Voices for Peace and South Dakota Voices for Justice, and Leo WT, a queer non-binary Christian who organizes the dialogue project Conversations.Taneeza is an immigration and human rights lawyer who has spent the last decade …
The national conversation on racism has shifted. Americans are participating in a reckoning with the legacy of slavery. This week’s episode features a conversation with Black Christian leader, activist, and historian Jeโดย Interfaith Voices
Hosted by Hanadi Doleh, ICNY Director for Community Partnerships Throughout New York, clergy members, lay leaders and faith-based activists from every faith tradition are working to create positive change for our own communities and the city as a whole. But all too often we find ourselves working alone — without a strong network of interfaith ties,…
We begin this week’s episode by revisiting the origin story of Interfaith Voices. The very first pilot episode took place exactly one week after the 9/11 attacks. Then we talk with Dalia Mogahed, a hijab-wearing, Egyptiaโดย Interfaith Voices
Distinguished American Studies scholar Dr. Sylvia Chan-Malik reflecting on the 9/11 anniversary, and how the last twenty years have led to greater introspection and reflection about identity, race, gender, and ethnicityโดย Interfaith Voices
What's it like to live in one of the most religiously diverse counties in America? And why does it not always lead to tolerance and pluralism?This week, guests Robert P. Jones of the Public Religion Research Institute, and Ambereen Khan, host of the radio show 'Inspired,' discuss the recent 2020 Census of American Religion.Plus, the death rattle of…
The world watched in disbelief and concern as the last of the U.S. armed forces left Afghanistan. Two guests with ties to Afghanistan share their fears and hopes for the country.โดย Interfaith Voices
Reflections from children's book authors who write about fostering understanding and overcoming adversity. (Segments of this show were originally broadcast in November and December of 2020.)โดย Interfaith Voices
Beyond the headlines of abuse, underage marriages, and polygamy, the award-winning podcast UNFINISHED: SHORT CREEK, explores how this community is wrestling with its history.โดย Interfaith Voices
Shankar Vedantam examines how self-deception helps us succeed at things like parenting. Then Robert Griffin explores beliefs about the 2020 presidential election. (Original broadcast July 2021)โดย Interfaith Voices
Devi Parvati breaks all kinds of stereotypes. Today the mystic who identifies as a practitioner of all traditions describes how her life changed when she attended a retreat at an Ashram in the Poconos in 1968.โดย Interfaith Voices
Summer camps are not just about fun and games according to Dr. Shana Sippy. They are, more broadly speaking, immersive and unique experiences that quickly create an ethos and culture.โดย Interfaith Voices
Host Ambereen Khan talks with two clergy activists, Rev. Timothy McDonald, and Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner about the struggle to preserve voting rights. (Originally broadcast in June 2021)โดย Interfaith Voices
Three guests with first-hand experience of the destruction addiction causes to individuals, families, and communities discuss what can be done to erase the stigma of addiction.โดย Interfaith Voices
In her book "On Juneteenth", Annette Gordon-Reed offers a hybrid history and memoir that gets personal and is timely as Texas lawmakers battle over voting rights.โดย Interfaith Voices
An audio tour of the 48-hour marathon in the statehouse sets the stage for Texas Democrats retreat to Washington, DC in an effort to prevent the Republican majority from passing restrictive voting laws.โดย Interfaith Voices
Getting arrested in the United States Capitol and lobbying their Senator to end the policy of detaining children is what two Chicago-based nuns would describe as an exciting day but not extraordinary.โดย Interfaith Voices
As co-chair of the Interfaith Immigration Coalition, Peniel Ibe is working with advocates and activists to create a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented American residents.โดย Interfaith Voices
Shankar Vedantam examines how self-deception helps us succeed at things like parenting, and serves as a survival tool. Then Robert Griffin explores beliefs about the 2020 presidential election.โดย Interfaith Voices
Shankar Vedantam explains how self-delusions help make us better parents, better spouses, better citizens, and when they find their way into religion, better believers.โดย Interfaith Voices
This week, we listen to two powerful young voices in the climate movement: Isha Clarke is co-founder of Youth Vs Apocalypse and Tori Goebel is National Coordinator for Young Evangelicals for Climate Action.Although on opposite coasts and from different religious and cultural traditions, the two share in their drive to working tirelessly to bring at…
This week, a story from the Sacred Steps podcast. We hear from a former Israeli soldier who wrestles with identity and his faith. Then, reflections on "The Black National Anthem", Lift Every Voice.โดย Interfaith Voices
A 120-year-old anthem is enjoying a new life in Black Lives Matter demonstrations across the country. Producer Kimberly Winston looks at the history of the song.โดย Interfaith Voices
Toni Newman grew up in a strict, southern Christian household. But when Toni came out as a gay man in college, family and church relationships were strained. And then, Toni came to realize she was really a transgender woโดย Interfaith Voices
In the past decade, public opinion on LGBT issues, like same-sex marriage, has changed drastically. But the growing acceptance of the L, the G, and the B has not necessarily extended to the T.โดย Interfaith Voices
Washington-DC-based author and certified Forest Bathing therapist Melanie Choukas-Bradley takes host Amber Khan on a guided tour at the Woodend Sanctuary at the Audubon Naturalist Society headquarters.โดย Interfaith Voices
According to the Rev Dr. Mae Elise Cannon the bureaucratic efforts that allow the Israeli government to seize Palestinian homes and forcefully remove residents have been ongoing and represent a violation of human rights.โดย Interfaith Voices
A growing chorus of voices and coalitions of people of faith are calling on the Biden Administration to take a different approach to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians — to forge a just peace.โดย Interfaith Voices
When Ahmet left the United States in early May to spend the last week of Ramadan with his family in Gaza, he had no idea what was to come. The long-awaited reunion turned into a struggle to survive.โดย Interfaith Voices
One of the most challenging topics in interfaith settings is Israel/Palestine. How do we begin to address this subject, create space for meaningful dialogue, and take steps towards action? How can those outside of Palestine and Israel better inform ourselves? What is our role?We explore some of these questions, acknowledging the difficulty of even …
How can we create media to bring people together? How can we even begin a dialogue when we don't agree on the same facts?Mohamed Amin Ahmed is a Muslim Somali immigrant and peace advocate based in Minneapolis who is founder of the platform Average Mohamed, which strives to provide educational narratives to counter extremist ideology.Mandi Hart is a…
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