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The HVAC Jerks

The HVAC Jerks

The HVAC Jerks

Come join The HVAC Jerks (Rich, Kevin, and Anonymous Joe, IF he can be found) each week as they discuss everything in the HVAC industry from news and technical stuff, right down to stupid customer stories and how "not to do it". If you work in the heating, air conditioning, plumbing or electrical trades, or hope to in the future, spend some time with us; you'll have a lot of fun, and you might even learn something.
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Why do you keep looking at me? Like I have any insight into why these two idiots keep rambling on like this. If you ask me, they could have worked in a mercury mine for their whole careers; maybe that would explain it. Achhh, fine; yes, it's all well scripted and planned for days on end, sure. By the way, have you been tested for mercury poisoning?…
So, you started your service business and you've been growing nicely, when suddenly you realize that you've been stuck for the last year and a half. What happened, and what can you do about it? Does this happen to everyone? Well, press the little arrow and find out!โดย The HVAC Jerks
In this episode The Boys speak to Shawn Marshall, the East Coast Academy Trainer for Navien (tankless water heaters and boilers), about some common venting mistakes seen with today's high efficiency equipment.โดย The HVAC Jerks
The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) is one of our industry's driving forces when it comes to standards, education, and advocacy, so The Boy's gave Deb and Kimya a call to find out what new and exciting things they're up to. (Download it NOW!!!)โดย The HVAC Jerks
The market for indoor air quality products exploded with the pandemic and it's here to stay. With something a little different than we've discussed in the past, our buddy Mark is going to tell us about the WellAir offerings.โดย The HVAC Jerks
You've been doing your job for a while now, and you're good at it. Have you considered taking a step up? What will you say if you're asked to become a manager? Do you accept the challenge, or will it be too much work and responsibility?โดย The HVAC Jerks
There is no doubt about it, service techs deal with long hours, difficult working conditions, and customers that are not at their best, to say the least. We need to take that stress seriously before it affects your physical health, and your relationships.โดย The HVAC Jerks
It seems like the "experts" can't figure out if the economy is doing well and "full speed ahead", or if inflation is going to cause us to crash and burn into a recession. Well, it's a good thing that you know these Jerks to help you out in your time of confusion.โดย The HVAC Jerks
We keep talking about how Bluon's new app is making life so much easier for the HVAC field technician. Well, here's a little more from Will Rawley at the finale of the Bluon road show at FW Webb in Woburn, MA.โดย The HVAC Jerks
In any organization there should be standards and procedures to minimize the chaos. (That's 2 "Z"s in one sentence!) Just image if everyone just showed up at the job site whenever they felt like it. Well, that's the topic of the week; just deal with it.โดย The HVAC Jerks
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