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Calvary Chapel Fergus Falls - Simply Teaching the Bible Simply - We exist to see people come to Jesus and grow in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Enjoyed this message? We encourage you to share it with others. If you would like to help us change lives give online at:
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Deuteronomy 11-12 “Be Careful to Obey GOD”1. Remember GOD’s care and love (ch. 11:1-12)2. The blessings to obey the LORD (ch. 11:13-32)3. The LORD’s way to worship Him (ch. 12:1-14)4. The LORD’s call to respect life (ch. 12:15-32)โดย Tim Molter
Deuteronomy 10 “Recovery after Rebellion”1. The second pair of tablets given (v.1-11)2. The God of grace and fellowship (v.12-16)3. The God of love and our praise (v.17-22)โดย Tim Molter
Deuteronomy 7 “Called to be Different”1. Separation brings safety (v.1-5)2. Separation has blessings (v.6-16)3. Promises from the Lord (v.17-26)โดย Tim Molter
Deuteronomy 6 “The Greatest Commandment”1. God’s Word is for us and our children (v.1-3)2. Hear the Lord and love Him completely (v.4-9)3. Perils to avoid and a heart of gratitude (v.10-25)โดย Tim Molter
Deuteronomy 5 “The Ten Commandments”1. God’s Holy covenant with Israel (v.1-5)2. The ten laws given by the Lord (v.6-22)3. Love and respect given to God (v.23-33)โดย Tim Molter
Deuteronomy 4 “Listen, Learn, and Live”1. Hear God’s Word and don’t change it (v.1-2)2. Not heeding God leads to immorality (v.3-4)3. Not serving God leads to idolatry (v.7-31)4. God’s promise mature His people (v.32-49)โดย Tim Molter
Deuteronomy 3 “Israel Near the Promised Land”1. Defeating the evil Amorite nation (v.1-11)2. Preparing to conquer Canaan (v.12-20)3. Moses sees the promised land (v.22-29)โดย Tim Molter
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