Bonus Episode 8 - Arachnophonia with Dusklight


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Greetings, Gamers, and welcome to another bonus episode! Dusklight joines us once again as we take a week off of the regular full-length episodes we've been droping during our composer-focused season to bring you a special holiday-themed spooky show!

Although they are among the most beneficial creatures on the planet, spiders have always had a creepy reputation. Maybe it's the silken death-traps they make with their butts. Maybe it's their fun way of liquefying their prey from the inside so they can drink them for dinner. Maybe it's just all those eyes and legs! Regrdless, there's some Very Good Music associated withour arachnid acquantances in the wide world of VGM, and we hope you enjoy the songs we've chosen for you.

Thanks as always to our amazing patrons and the artists who made our show art and theme song. You, too, can become a patron at, and you can reach out to us one of these ways:

Twitter: @VGMpod and @Shootkapow

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Play-in: Title Screen - Spidersaurs - Harumi Fujita - iPhone/Mac - WayForward - 2019

Block 1 (Dusk)

Citadel of Spiders - Pikmin 2 - Hajime Wakai - GameCube - Nintendo - 2004
Dancing with Spiders - NyxTheShield (Remix of Spider Dance from Undertale by Toby Fox)

NyxTheShield's Bandcamp:

Lair of the Smooch Spiders - Yoshi's Wooly World - Tomoya Tomita - Wii U - Good-Feel/Nintendo - 2015

Rave in the Grave/Spiderweb Island - Shantae and the Pirate's Curse - Jake Kaufman - 3DS - WayForward - 2014

Block 2 (Shootkapow)

Tephra Cave - Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition - Manami Kiyota - Switch - Monolith Soft/Nintendo - 2020

Chargestone Cave - Pokemon Black & White - Shota Kageyama - DS - Game Freak/Nintendo/The Pokemon Company - 2010

Guardian Menace - Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Kumi Tanioka, Reo Uratani, Ryotaro Yagi, and Haruki Yamada - Switch - Omega Force/Nintendo/Koei Tecmo - 2020

His Friends Call Him Spuder (Don't Call Him Spuder) - Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling - Tristan Alric - MultiPlatform - Moonsprout Games/Dangen Entertainment - 2019

Block 3 (Bedroth)

Shelob the Great - Lord of the Rings Online: Minas Morgul Expansion (2019) - Bill Champagne - several publishers/devlopers: currently Standing Stone Games/Daybreak Game Company - PC - 2007

Side of Building/Along the Street - Spider: The Video Game - Barry Leitch - PlayStation - Boss Game Studios/BMG Interactive - 1997

Web Spider Stage - Mega Man X4 - Toshihiko Horiyama - Saturn/PlayStation - Capcom - 1997

Koala in the Spider's Web - Jets'n'Guns - Machinae Supremacy - PC - Rake in Grass/Reflexive Entertainment/Stardock Soft-World - 2004

Web Woods/Forest Interlude - Donkey Kong Country 2 - David Wise - SNES - Rare/Nintendo - 1995

Booper Reel: Packing Pests - Rhythm Heaven Fever - Tsunku, Masami Yone, Shinji Ushiroda, and Asuka Ito - Wii - TNX Music Recordings/Nintendo - 2011

Special thanks to our Patrons:

Alex Messenger, host of A VGM Journey
Skeletroy, creator of SNES Thrash Remixes on YouTube
Ryan Steel, composer of Catlandia: Crisis at Fort PawPrint
"Kung Fu" Carlito, host of Heroes Three: Adventures in Asian Cinema
Forrest Shamlian, creator of Castle Corp and Bomb Show on YouTube
The Mysterious Nathan

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Naomi Rubin - | comics at
Carlos Leon Roman -
Ben "The Diad" Dishman - @TheDiad
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