4 Steps to Forming New Beliefs and Ridding Yourself of Bad Habits #VIDEO


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Ever find it hard to get bad brainwashing out of your subconscious and form new positive thoughts that really stick?

Well, you’ve been programmed for years, so what makes you think you’re going to do it over night?

Be patient, but also, use this trick every single day, and you’ll be closer and closer to forming new positive beliefs that will help you become the best you that you’ve ever been!

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Thanks for listening. I always love to hear what you have to say! Here’s my thought question for you today:

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Podcast Transcript:

Hey everybody, it’s Lisha Yost, Founder of UpGusto Personal Development, and I wanted to teach you a little trick to change any bad habit in your life.

The funny thing is that we have always told ourselves we are one thing or another (and others have told us too).

So we hold these beliefs about ourselves which hold us back. And when we replace the old belief with a new belief (even if it’s not true yet), we eventually start to believe the new belief over the old one.

I like to say “I am” as if it’s a true statement (even if it isn’t yet).

So instead of thinking, “If only I could lose weight” we can say “I am a healthy person and I do and eat what a healthy person does”.

If we keep telling ourselves that we are healthy, and we only do and eat what a healthy person does, eventually, we will gradually become healthier and live a healthier life.

We will start to see ourselves in a different way. We won’t keep having the same old beliefs about ourselves that we crave junk food.

Instead, we’ll begin to crave vegetables and things that nourish our body, and crave activity over being sedentary.

We can even go into more detail about it to solidify the new belief even more.

Let’s say someone really enjoys fast food, so they eat so much fast food that they can’t lose weight (in fact, they just keep gaining weight).

So they can replace the thought “I really like fast food” with “I hate fast food, it’s so disgusting. I never want to eat fast food again in my life.”

Eventually, if someone said that to themselves every day, they would gradually enjoy fast food less and less until they really didn’t like it and really didn’t want to eat it, and eventually, they really would be disgusted by fast food.

And if they’re not eating fast food, they would have to replace their meals with something else, and it would almost definitely be healthier, so they would be that much more likely to lose weight.

So here’s my four step process for forming new beliefs:

Step one, get a stack of notecards and a pen or marker, and write out all the new beliefs you wish to gain, one belief per notecard.

And every time you have some problem you want to solve about yourself, you can add another notecard to your pile, to create a new belief.

Step two, read each notecard out loud every morning, with a smile on your face, and with an excited, believable tone of voice.

Step three, record yourself reading your new belief notecards out loud and listen to them every day (or multiple times per day).

And finally, Step four, write down each new belief again, every single day in a journal.

This may seem time consuming, but if you want to make a good change in your life, then you’ll do what it takes. It could really only take about 5 minutes per day, so when you think about it that way, would you spend 5 minutes per day to make an awesome change in yourself so you can live a happier life? I would!

So once you feel you’ve mastered something, you can remove the notecard if you want (to save time, since that stack of new beliefs can get pretty big if you’re taking it seriously and adding more new beliefs to your stack).

And if you start to slip back into old patterns, you can always bring that notecard back into your daily reading pile to get back on track again.

This process works because you are reading your new beliefs (so you’re seeing it with your eyes), saying your new beliefs (saying things out loud helps confirm them), writing out your new beliefs (so you’re solidifying the new beliefs even more), and listening to you saying your new beliefs (so you also hear it with your ears).

So doing all of these things together touches on more of the senses and different parts of the brain, which helps it really become ingrained and real to your brain, so that eventually you really believe it about yourself and you start making real positive lasting changes in your life.

So go get some notecards right now and get started.

Do me a quick favor and share this with your friends and family, so they can begin to move forward and achieve the goals and lifestyle they want as well.

And thanks for joining me, I’ll see you next time.

What are some ideas that you have that have helped you form new beliefs to replace your old negative ones? Let me know in a comment!

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