Does Music Help You to Astral Project?


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Lately I’ve been having just a few sporadic OBEs, all very similar. I leave my body or wake up already out-of-body. I am alone or sometimes with my higher self and I am flying extremely fast in a star-studded sky, it is exhilarating. It has been very hot and this often influences my ability to leave my body, as I find it difficult to focus in the heat. Sometimes if I focus on the sound of the fan this helps, occasionally the air on my face also seems to wake me up in my sleeping body, however it can influence the whole experience too much. I remember one particular OBE when I was on holiday, it was very hot so I had the fan on. I went to sleep and the cool air on my face seemed to stimulate my awareness and I woke up in my body. As I tried to get up out of my body it felt as if there were some sort of hurricane going on, obvious the influence of the fan. This has implications for how we can help ourselves in many ways when we sleep.

I have experimented with listening to music, chants and isochronic tones while sleeping and I have often lmeft my body while doing so, sometimes I can still hear the CD while I’m out. I usually choose tracks of about 60 minutes as this gives me time to relax into sleep, then I either wake up in the mind awake/body asleep state or I wake up in a dream and I go into the astral from there. I am not always successful sometimes I go directly to sleep and nothing out of the ordinary happens or I don’t remember.

I do find it useful to alternate the music, chants or tones I am using as the brain does seem to get used to them. Apart from the sounds often helping me to OBE I have also found that they help my mental state in a positive way and so this has a positive effect on my body. I’ve often mentioned the heart chakra chant by Jonathan Goldman and how that has had a wonderful effect. I’m presently experimenting with other sounds and how they influence me when I sleep, it could be a good way to balance our energy body.

I have one particular track that I always go back to, it is isochronic tones in theta, I have had many OBEs while listening to this at night, though as I said earlier once my brain gets used to it it loses its effect. I don’t always leave my body while listening to this track but it also helps me to dream and I love dreams too, so it helps me a great deal. I’ve also been experimenting lately with sounds from plants using a device that changes the electrical current of the plants into midi notes, I have found that on occasion I have had OBEs while listening, so in the end it could be that any type of music can stimulate your awareness while you’re asleep, the kind of music may not be important as long as it is relaxing and it helps you to relax into sleep, then it stimulates your awareness so you wake up mind awake/body asleep or you have a lucid dream. Anyway it is worth experimenting with this type of thing as I think it has many benefits not just to help you astral project but also to help you dream more and help your mental state which is particularly useful in this period of our lives, it is important to remain calm, happy and positive. And I also have to say that since I’ve been creating this plant music I’ve had more OBEs concerning nature, for example talking to trees. In one podcast episode I talk about meeting a tree spirit, I’ve also danced with trees, it’s taken me more in contact with nature, so interesting. The OBEs you have when you are speaking to plants and trees are fascinating and really opens your mind to the whole system of life on this planet the whole system of consciousness, we live in consciousness and consciousness surrounds us. This whole area is fascinating, talking to tree spirits makes you realise that it is not just us on this planet.

I hope everyone has a great day, or night depending on where you are when you’re listening to this and I shall go on listening to my music and having wonderful OBEs I hope, and I hope you do too, thanks you for listening. Bye for now,

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