CDL 29: The 4 Punch Knockout To Funding Real Estate Deals...


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Cash Flow Dad Life

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So the big question is this, what would you do if money didn't matter? So you had millions in your bank account, what would you focus on? Would you spend more time with your family, with your wife, with your kids? Take family vacations.

Would you pursue your gifts and talents and dreams? Serve your local community, teach others, serve your church. You see if what you would do if money didn't matter, it was pursuing your gifts and talents and dreams to serve others, and that is probably what you should be doing.

The problem is most people are in the rat race, living five inches in front of their face with no time to pursue what they were born to do. That is the problem, and the solution is to develop enough passive income to replace your working income so you can quit your job and be free to live your life the way you were created to.

That is a solution and this podcast will show you how...

Hey what's up everybody! Welcome to another awesome episode of Cash Flow Dad Life. I'm your host Ryan Enk and today we're going to be talking about the four step knockout to funding real estate deals.

So talking about you know... I just want to kind of compare it to fighting a little bit.

One of my guilty pleasures, you know, is watching MMA.

MMAI just love watching the art form of fighting, and when I was a kid the first fight that I got was I don't know I guess I was around 10 or 11 years old in any 80s kids out there super soakers were pretty big for a while at least where I live.

So there was a super soaker 100 then they came out with the 200 than the 300 is just like these big water guns. And we as opposed to many many kids this day and age. And that makes me feel old saying that.

But we would always play outside were always outside playing sports and neighborhood kids and we had our little posse of neighborhood kids that you know lived in the houses around us and then there was another posse of neighborhood kids around the block like these little mini suburban gangs you know.

And so we're outside was super soakers and this other posse of kids comes by on their bikes and they're saying you know they're talking trash or whatever but it's all fine we're all kids we're just having a good time you know. And so I squirt one with my super soaker, and he gets off his bike, and he walks over and he says, "Whoa is that a super soaker 200."

And I said, "Yeah." and he goes, "Can see it?" And I said "Sure," and I gave it to him and then he smashed it on the ground and he goes, "You want to fight?"

And I was like really ticked off that he broke my super soaker was like remembering my parents words to me like, "No if anybody ever asked you to fire just turn and walk away. Use your words." And I was like, "I don't think we need a fight. You know you can just go and I'll go." He's like, "Well I'm not going to go." I was like, "Okay, well I will go then." I turn around, and as I turn around he sucker punched me in the back of the head.

And so I turned back around and he goes, "Now do you want to fight?" Now I was like, "Yeah I do, actually."

So we all went into the lawn across the street and all the neighborhood kids are around in a circle and he's bouncing back and forth. He's like, "Look I know karate. You know I just got to warn you," and I'm like, "OK whatever. I've got brothers that I buy wrestle and fight all the time." So I really didn' know I was angry with them, but I really didn't feel like punching him --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:

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