You are an energy being. I’ll show you.


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Have you ever felt energy within you? You are a powerful being with life force energy flowing through you all the time. Why not use that energy for healing! But before you can do that, you have to be aware of it and really feel it. Join me in this podcast, so I can show you how to do this. It's really cool!

Episode Notes:

Welcome to podcast #4, where I’ll demonstrate for you that you are an energy being with energy flowing through you all the time. I’m going to show you how to become aware of it within you, and you’ll be able to feel it.

I think it is so cool!

But first, I just learned something that I think is very interesting. If you have a teenage daughter you’ve most likely heard these phrases: “Don’t judge me!” “You're judging her” “Don't be so judgemental” Am I right? It is the thing Not To Do. And of course, I try not to be judgmental. But scientists are telling us that we know within the first 3 seconds of meeting someone if we will like them or not. Your intuition or heart will know. In western cultures, we are taught to discount this as being judgmental. You're told, “You don’t even know this person and aren’t giving them a chance.” But your heart may have picked up on something. A vibratory signal, or something in that person's energy field that is not quite right, or not a good fit. It is not necessarily saying that person is bad; they may just not be a good fit for you. Our ancestors used this skill because they didn’t have the luxury of going to get coffee or have lunch with someone to see if you were a fit for them. Think back in caveman days. If you entered someone’s cave, they needed to know right away if you were a threat. So they developed this skill. So now, I am not saying it is okay to be judgmental and start judging everyone. However, I wouldn’t just discount your intuition and ignore those gut feelings you get when you meet someone either. Maybe there is a balance you can achieve. I thought that was pretty interesting and wanted to pass that along. When you deal with healing, getting in touch with your gut feelings and using your intuition is very important. The more you rely on it, the better you will get at receiving the information from yourself. You are much more powerful and have access to so many healing tools that are within you. And we will be jumping into different ways to use your intuition for healing in later podcasts. But today, I want to prove to you that you are an energy being. Because to do energy healing, you must first be able to access your energy and use it for healing. You need to become aware of it and feel it. But don’t worry if you don’t feel the energy. A lot of people sense it. I am not one of those people who naturally feel energy. I had to learn how to feel it. You may be someone, or have a friend who can walk into a room and feel the energy in it. They may say something like, wow, you can cut the air with a knife in this room from all the tension as they enter. Or they feel bad vibes coming from someone when they first meet them. But I’m not one of those people that feels things very much. And that is okay. We all have gifts and feeling energy if not one of mine. Energy healing is an art. It is not a science. It is like drawing, everyone can do it, but not everyone is an artist. But with a little practice, we can all become better healers for ourselves and the ones around us. I love these exercises because when I first became aware of my energy and started to focus it for healing, I felt very empowered. When my kids would get hurt, I started doing healing on them, and I swear it made a difference. But it took some practice to be able to focus my energy for healing. So if you are not gifted at it, then that is okay. You too can practice and develop your skills to become more powerful at healing. I think energy healing is the wave of the future. The nice things about it are:
  1. Anyone can do it - it takes about five mins to learn.
  2. It's free - everything you need to do it is within you.
  3. You become empowered and not helpless when someone gets sick or hurt.
  4. You don’t have to rely on anyone else.
  5. You can do it immediately - you don’t have to wait for an appointment.
  6. It's so simple anyone can do it.
  7. You can never hurt anyone.
  8. You can only help someone.
So let’s get to it and let you feel the energy within you. Because before you can use it for healing, you must feel the energy within you. If it doesn’t work the first time though, don’t get discouraged. Some people are feelers and can perceive energy more than others. But with a little practice, you will be able to do it. To start, you need to: 1. Ground Yourself The first thing you must do before any healing session or any time you want to work with your energy is ground yourself. What this means is you need to:
  • Find a quiet place to do this.
  • Quiet your mind - Keep your mind out of it. Try to think of nothing.
  • Let’s your thoughts go - Let your thoughts drift away.
  • You can sit or stand, it won’t matter.
2. Pay Attention To Your Breathing Let your breathing become steady and pay attention to it. By doing this, you bring focus to yourself, and it maintains your energy. Where your thoughts go, your energy goes, so you want your thoughts on yourself, and concentrating on your breathing is the easiest way to do this. 3. Raise your pointer finger about twelve inches in front of your face. 4. Concentrate on your face. Really focus on it with things like:
  • Look at the lines on it
  • Think of whats inside, the bones, the blood flowing.
  • Look at the joints and how they bend.
  • Think of the color of your skin
  • Look at the nail
  • Think of anything else about that finger.
5. Just keep thinking of that finger and keep your focus on it. Keep doing it for three to five minutes then ask yourself, “Do I feel anything in my finger?” What did you feel? Did you feel anything? If you felt nothing, no worries, then try it again. Be sure to quiet yourself and make sure you are not distracted by the sense that someone is waiting for you, or maybe how stupid you feel doing this, or that you have dishes to do. What you’ll discover is that you can feel your finger in a new way. It is a subtle energy, a kind of essence around your finger, or maybe a feeling of air around the finger. What you are feeling is energy flowing through it, life force energy. This is the first step in becoming an energy healer. Now the next step in becoming aware of your energy is to be able to feel it all through your body. Here's how you do it: Again, ground yourself. Sit in a chair this time and get comfortable with your feet flat on the ground. Take a few minutes and think of your feet and concentrate on them. Do you feel anything? Then think of your ankles for the next few minutes. Did you feel your awareness move to them? Then think of your knees and then your hips. At each place you stop and concentrate, you should feel your awareness. Stay at that spot for a minute and see if you can feel anything. If not, stay at that spot for a minute or two longer. Then keep moving your awareness up your body to the next part. To your stomach, chest, shoulders, elbows, hands. Bring your awareness to your face and head. Did you feel anything in any part of your body? Remember to be in a quiet place where you are not distracted. If you are distracted, that is where your thoughts go and then your energy follows. So keep your thoughts on different parts of your body and hold them in place for a few moments. If you don’t feel anything at first, wait a while, then try it again later. Everyone can do this. If you find you can't then it just may mean you are more disconnected to your own being than others. No worries, keep practicing. Remember, energy healing is like drawing. We all can draw, we are not all artists. But with practice, we can all become at it. Do this until you begin to feel the energy in different parts of your body. Then once you become aware of the subtle energies in your body, I want you to do one more thing. Take your two hands and put them in front of you a few inches apart, palms together. Cup your hands as if there is an invisible softball between them. Rub them together for a moment vigorously. Really rub your hands together! Then hold them apart and breathe into your hands. I don’t mean to blow into them, breathe into them. Keep your mouth closed but imagine your breath moving through your arms, out your hands, and into your palms. Do this for a few moments. Do you feel a ball of energy between your hands? Keep doing it longer, and the ball of energy will become stronger, more powerful. That is one way to focus your energy and amplify it. There are many ways to amplify your energy, and we’re going to get into that in a later podcast. But for now, we just want you to get good at feeling your energy and realizing the power you have within you. Because you are a powerful being! You are a healer!! Keep doing this until you get real good at it. I have a Cheat Sheet below that you can download with the instructions to these exercises so you can easily try this any time you want. If you have any questions about the exercises we did in this podcast, leave a comment on the bottom of my podcast page, Episode #4 and I will answer it. Or as always, you can send me an email at or find me on facebook and ask me there. I would love to hear from anyone if you were able to feel your energy. Think about it, you are one step closer to being an energy healer. In my next podcast, I’m going to show you how to use the energy you just realized you have for healing. We’re going to really amplify it and then use it to heal someone or something. You may want to revive a plant in your house. There are so many cool ways to use energy healing, and I can’t wait to show you. But until next time, Keep breathing, keep loving and keep healing, because they are the keys to life. Have a great week! Bye for now.

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