What Does The Healing Process Look Like?


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Most people don't think about their healing process much. But if you want to heal, there are certain things to consider that will help bring it on. In this podcast, I delve into that process and what exactly it looks like from a practical standpoint.

Episode Notes:

As a healer for more than 15 years, I have to admit, this is a frustrating subject for me!

People say they want to be healed, but they don’t even know what it looks like anymore.

We have become so disconnected from ourselves, just following a life of distractions. Like mind-numbed robots living day by day distracted by technology, work, family, anything.

People will say they want to be healed, but they think if they took ibuprofen for their headache, they’re healed.

But that’s not true healing.

In my quest to get myself and my daughter healthy many years ago, I learned from many intelligent people that our bodies have all it needs to heal from anything.

People need to learn how to do it.

You are a masterfully created being. You have everything you need within you for healing. You need to figure out how to tap into that inner healing power you possess to get the job done.

And that is why I started this podcast. To get the word out that you can do it, you can heal.

So I started with the previous episodes to help you begin to get in touch with your intuitive self and become aware of the energy inside you. We’ll get more into that later on; I’ll share with you some really cool things you can do.

And I am going to be sharing with you in later podcasts things you can do all by yourself to help your healing along.

But first, I want to let you know what true healing is. Because, as I said, I get frustrated.

People have no patience for healing. So before we get to all the neat stuff, I want to give you my five pillars of healing. It’s like setting the stage or laying the groundwork for healing.

And the reason why I think it is necessary to do this is because energy healing is a bit different than what people are typically used to seeing. And unless you understand these pillars of healing, you may not appreciate the power energy healing has. So let’s begin with my first pillar of healing.

#1 - The first pillar is “Healing takes PATIENCE.”

I say this because everyone wants their healing done yesterday.

I once had a woman who I was working with take a remedy from me and said, I can’t wait, I’m going to take the medication the doctor gave me. This is taking too long. She told me this like three days after I gave her the remedy.

And I’m thinking, really? Wow, you couldn’t wait a few more days. Are you so ready to take those medications which can leave you with all kinds of side effects?

I remember thinking, no worries, it’s your life. I know I would want to heal, not be perpetually on meds all the time.

But that’s why they make vanilla and chocolate. To each his own.

I wish people would want to truly heal, even if it takes a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years. Wouldn’t getting healed be better. I love the word remission. Doctors say that a lot.

You are in remission because they know they didn’t heal you of anything, they just suppressed it until it surfaces again.

So now you have to live life watching for this disease to rear it’s ugly head again.

I wouldn’t want to constantly be watching over my shoulder for a disease.

Everyone wants to be healed asap!

When they get a headache, they take ibuprofen; when they get a rash, they take a steroid cream, constipated, they use a suppository.

You get constipated and take a suppository, then you go. You're healed, right?

I mean, come on. Really! Do you think that is healing?

You may look like your healed because you went to the bathroom, your rash is gone, and your headache may be gone, but are you.

Let’s take steroids. You got the rash and put the steroid on, and the rash is gone. But according to the NIH, which is the government website, the steroid suppresses the inflammatory genes that are activated by the disease. In other words, the steroids suppress any inflammation that is going on. There is no healing taking place. Whatever caused the inflammation is still there.

That’s like saying, if there is a fire in your house, you can put it out by taking the battery out of your fire alarm.

But not only that, you now have to ask yourself, if whatever was causing that rash in the first place is just being suppressed, where did it go.

Think of it this way:

Let’s say you have two people outside at night enjoying themselves. Then the mosquitoes come and really start to bother them.

The one person puts repellant on, and the mosquitoes quit bothering her. But did the mosquitoes go away? No, they will move to the next person and annoy them. So now that person has double the nuisance from the mosquitoes.

That is what it is like with the steroids and most medications. There is no healing, it suppresses the inflammation, or suppresses the pain. It is really symptom based.

So you might be asking, what’s wrong with that. At least I don’t feel bad.

But there is a problem with that strategy.

When you get a rash, let’s say, then you can heal it right at its roots. If you suppress it, then whatever is causing the outbreak goes underground and can travel somewhere else in your body where it can wreak havoc there and continue to grow without you even knowing it.

Let’s take dandruff for instance. Something that may be a nuisance, but it is not serious. Right?

Dandruff is usually caused by a fungus called Malassezia that lives on the scalp. This fungus feeds on the oils of the scalp and can dry it out if there is an overgrowth.

But if you use shampoos and dandruff treatments that suppress the symptoms on the scalp, the reason why that fungus got out of control is still there. And that reason could produce other problems inside your body if left untreated.

Would you want that fungal infection to go to your liver or kidneys? Or whatever the reason that fungus got out of control, let’s say you are eating too many omega-6 fats, instead of the healthy fats, which is usually the reason for dandruff, then it will be problematic in another part of the body too.

A different type of fungus might flourish and expand rapidly in another part of your body if you continue to keep eating so many omega-6s.

At least on your scalp, you can see it and work to get rid of it.

If it goes to an internal organ, you won’t know it is there until one day you come down with a more serious condition or disease and wonder where it came from out of nowhere.

But it didn’t; it came from the fungal overgrowth that may have started from your scalp.

See what I’m saying.

Let’s take ibuprofen or Advil. It works by decreasing the number and types of prostaglandins, which are just substances in your body that get produced when there is a need for inflammation. So if you sprained your ankle and your body needed to protect that area, it releases prostaglandins to signal your body to increase the inflammation. The ibuprofen did nothing to the actual healing of the ankle. It just reduced the signaling mechanism of the body.

That’s like saying, if you found a crack in the pipes in your house, it would get fixed quicker if you didn’t tell anyone. Kept it a secret from the plumbers who could come and get the job done.

That’s sounds crazy doesn’t it when you put it in those terms? You know, I joke about people like that woman, but really I am frustrated.

Here’s another example, If I tell someone that their body is calling for a supplement to help their situation or a diet change, they do whatever for a week and say, “That didn’t work.” Now what.

Are you kidding me? If you are deficient in a nutrient, just supplementing for a week isn’t going to do much.

If you have a leak in the oil tank of your car, would putting some oil in each day for a week solve the problem. No.

Until the leaky tank got fixed, you need to keep supplementing it with oil.

Our bodies’ are masterfully created machines!

They know how to heal. It just takes time.

You might have to supplement for a while, or maybe you need to make lifestyle changes, or detox for a while.

But the reason it takes time to heal is because when you give your body what it needs, now it needs time to get the job done.

If you were deficient in vitamin D let’s say, well taking the vitamin D didn’t solve the problem per se, the vitamin D allowed your body to do its job properly which includes healing.

I can’t tell you how many times I hear someone say they started to eat good but didn’t see a change in their condition.

They claim the diet didn’t make a difference.

But think about inside your body. Just because you quit feeding it garbage doesn’t mean your body is in tip-top shape automatically.

It probably took years to get to this condition. It’s going to take a while to set your body straight and heal whatever is wrong inside.

Your body only has so many resources within it to tap into for healing. If you are eating a complicated meal like lasagne, or a huge burger with greasy fries, it may have very little energy left over to do any healing.

But if you give your body what it needs, it will do the healing; it just might not be immediate.

If someone gave you supplies to clean your house, that doesn’t mean you cleaned your house. You still have to take those supplies and do the cleaning.

It is the same way with healing.

Another problem with patience is that sometimes when people start healing, they get worse before they get better.

This is called a healing effect, or herxheimer effect.

When you heal, you sometimes see the symptoms of what you are trying to heal worsen for for a day or two.

This is why you get it.

Most health problems stem from a parasite like bacteria, virus, fungus, or something like that.

If you want to solve the problem, you need to kill off the parasite. Right?

So did you know that when something dies, it releases toxins? This process may sound morbid, but when a human being dies, you’ll see them release their last breath, and it is a long sigh type breath. Their bodily fluids get released too.

Well, this also happens with microbes.

They release toxins when they die off too. And your body doesn’t like it much.

So you react to these toxins and, the problem gets worse for a short time.

Eventually, it really shouldn’t take long, your body will have a chance to catch up, and clean up after the release of the toxins. And the symptoms will go away.

Here’s an example.

Many years ago a woman came to me with these red spots all over her.

So I evaluated her and told her it was a bacterial infection.

I gave her a remedy and sent her on her way.

I didn’t see her for a long time and finally bumped into her.

I asked her, "what ever happened to the red spots?"

She said, "Oh my goodness, the spots got redder, so I ran to the doctor and took the steroid cream. Now they are gone."

I just rolled my eyes and thought to myself, I wonder where all that bacteria went. I’m sure it is still in her body somewhere waiting to rear it’s ugly head again.

I should have warned her this could happen. It is especially a problem with skin conditions because who wants the rashes to get worse. But it just takes a little patience.

Those red spots probably would have only gotten worse for a day or two, then they would have been gone for good.

It’s called patience my friends!

#2 - The second pillar of healing is there are layers of disease that need to be stripped away for true healing.

As you live life, you keep adding layers of health conditions to yourself that need to be stripped away for your body to heal.

If you lived a really unhealthy life, the layers would pile up pretty quickly.

Lead a healthy life, not so much.

Think of yourself like a barrel. As you live life, you keep filling that barrel with layers of disease-causing things, bad stuff like eating junk food, being exposed to pesticides, having a stressful day. These are all layers that get piled into your barrel.

If that barrel gets filled too much from all the layers you put in it through the years, eventually it will overflow, and that is when a symptom strikes or a disease pops up.

It may have looked like the disease came out of nowhere, but it was in the making long before that.

So by stripping away the layers of disease, you will offload your body more and more and eventually, your body has time to catch up and do some healing.

The other reason why layers are so important is because healing is an orderly process. You may be having headaches, but healing may really need to be done in your liver first.

If your brain, which is your control center, is overwhelmed with trying to heal the liver lets say, then it lets everything else go. So now your headache pops up. But before your brain deals with your headache, it has to finish the job with the liver.

Does that make sense?

I have evaluated people many times that come in because of one problem, and I tell them it is something else, and they think my results are wrong.

Well, my results may not be wrong, there is just so much going on inside their body, how would they know what everything is going on.

It is like a domino effect, when one thing heals, it then can be used to heal the next thing.

Another reason why this is important is because if you do something to heal, like change your diet, you may not feel any different for a while, but inside your body there may be all kinds of healing going on. It’s about the layers, and stripping away the layers of disease.

Like I said, our bodies are masterfully created machines, they’ll do the work.

#3 - My third pillar of healing is that everything you need for healing is already within you.

I recently heard a podcast where a gentleman said, technology has quickly advanced in the last century, but it will really speed up now because all we ever need technology wise is right within us.)

That is pretty cool.

We are learning that our minds are so much more powerful than we give them credit for being.

You just have to stay in touch with your yourself. Get to really know your body and listen to it.

It also means you need to quiet yourself long enough to be able to get to know you.

You can’t develop a relationship with someone if you are so distracted by your phone or the TV. It is the same with yourself.

Take time to be mindful or meditate. You will be amazed at the information you will get if you just try to ask yourself. I know I am continually fascinated by the information I get.

Your body will talk to you. It will tell you when something isn’t right. It will give you warnings that there may be trouble down the road if you don’t make changes.

If you listen close enough, you’ll be able to make changes and adjustments before anything serious comes along.

This is the whole concept behind everyday healing and why I use it as my tag-line for my website.

If you listen to your body and what it is trying to tell you, then you can heal from the little stuff before it gets serious.

In this way, you hopefully never really get a serious diagnosis and live to a ripe old age and die of natural causes.

I know I try to listen to my body all the time.

Is my stomach gurgling more than usual, or am I feeling bloated? Am I getting headaches a lot? Is there a pain in my knee?

These all signal that something isn’t right.

Did you know there is a relationship between structures in your body and different organs? Your knees are associated with your kidneys. Pain in your knees, and I don’t mean if you smashed it somehow, but a pain that pops out of nowhere in your knee may mean your kidneys are under stress. It might not be anything serious, but if your knees start to hurt, then maybe you need to change something in your life that is stressing out your kidneys.

So if I get knee pain, at the first sign of it, which has happened to me before, I make sure I drink lots of water and be sure to eat really healthy to normalize my system and take the stress off my kidneys, which in turn takes the stress off my knees. I might even do kidney cleanse.

There is an infinite amount of signals our bodies give us telling us there is something not quite right.

And there is an infinite amount of solutions that you have at your disposal to rectify the problem.

So there is no excuse if you don’t take steps to correct any imbalance in your body.

I bet you are thinking, how am I supposed to know the relationships between different structures of my body and their organ association.

I got you covered. I put a cheat sheet on my podcast page that lists the different parts of the body and their associations. You can look it up if you want. It’s pretty interesting.

But even if you didn’t know that pain in the knees meant there might be something going on with your kidneys, if it were me, I would be sure to eat really clean and relax more. Maybe be sure to take my supplements diligently, and just try to live uber healthy for a while until the pain disappears.

We all like to overindulge a bit at times. I get that. That’s part of living a robust life. But when we do tend to push the limit, our bodies will tell us, and that’s when we pull back and detox a little to get healthy again.

So that is what I mean about listening to your body and make corrective changes to your lifestyle to fix the problem.

That is True Healing.

#4 - There are many roads to healing

Another aspect of true healing that is important is that there are many roads to healing. I don’t like it when people think they have to do one thing to heal.

Some alternative technique can’t possibly work because there is no clinical trial to back it up, or it isn’t sanctioned by the Medical Association.

That’s baloney.

That’s what the pharmaceutical industry wants you to believe so you don’t go looking for solutions. You have to rely on their expensive drugs that only mask the problem.

I know of a doctor who was curing breast cancers with baking soda.

That’s right, baking soda you have in your kitchen.

There’s not a lot of money to be made selling baking soda as opposed to drugs.

But it’s true. Do you know what happened to the doctor, he was stripped of his medical license and now practices outside this country.

So now, US citizens can’t use this very effective technique, only foreigners.


That’s not to say some doctors can’t ever cure a disease.

There are many roads to healing and when someone tells you their way is the only way, I stay clear of people like that.

I like the philosophy that we all work together for the common good, in this case, healing.

If someone wants to take the chemo route is they had cancer, then who am I to say they shouldn’t. I know that there is a lot someone can do if they take chemo drugs to lessen the side effects if they want to take that route. So instead of getting mad at someone because they didn’t choose the healing method I would have, I would help them do whatever it takes to heal.

So healing can come from many different sources.

#5 - Taking away any barrier to healing.

There is so much at our disposal for healing. All kinds of products to use, supplements to take, practitioners and doctors to see.

It is a great time to be sick!

But you can do all you want to heal, and take all you want, but if you don’t remove any barriers to healing, most likely you’re not going to heal.

Let me give you an example.

I met this woman once when I was waiting in line after Christmas to return something at a BestBuy.

You know how long the waits can be then. Bored as we were, I struck up a conversation with a woman in front of me and she asked what I did.

So I told her I manufacture all natural health products.

She asked, “Do you have anything for cancer?”

I said, “Sorry, I don’t. Do you know someone with cancer?”

She said yes, her husband has stage 4 colon cancer. Then she went on to say he will be okay because he is taking Turmeric, and she had heard that cures cancer.

I said, “That’s good he is taking that. But is there anything else he is doing?”

She said, “No. As a matter of fact, he works God awful hours because his patients need him, he eats terrible, has a huge gut, never takes a vacation and is always stressed.”

I thought to myself, “Honey, that Turmeric ain’t going to do anything for your husband.” That guy has so many barriers to healing, he’ll never be able to knock them all down.

To heal, it is just as important to examine your life and how you are living it, and remove any barriers you have to healing, then it is finding the magic pill or the magic person that can heal you.

Barriers to healing are huge. I’m going to be getting into them more in later podcasts. But for now, know that healing will happen if you just get out of your own way to let the healing take place.

What I mean by getting out the way is don’t bombard yourself with unhealthy things and expect healing to happen.

Remove stress, eat well, hydrate. Because if you don’t, you might as well put up a brick wall to your own healing.

So those are my five pillars of healing.

As a recap:

Pillar #1 - Be patient. True healing takes time. It’s not just a bandaid.

Pillar #2 - Your health is in layers, if you’re able to strip away enough layers of unhealthy living, eventually you will heal.

Pillar#3 - Everything you need to heal is right inside you. Connect with yourself to find answers for healing. And listen to your body to see what it is telling you.

Pillar #4 - There are many roads to healing. Take the route that feels best for you.

Pillar #5 - You must pay as much attention to your barriers to healing than working on finding that magic bullet that will wipe all your illness away.

And there you have my five pillars of healing!

In my next podcast, I’m going to be sharing with you ways to improve the quality of your food.

Do you like to cook?

If so, then you won’t want to miss this. It is real interesting.

But until next time,

Keep breathing, keep loving and keep healing, because they are the keys to life.

Have a great week!

See Ya.

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