Is There A Way To Make Your Food Healthier With Your Energy?


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There is so much conflicting information about healthy food and diets, who knows what to eat. Did you know there are things you can do to make any food you eat healthier for you? I’ll share ways to make your food healthier for you to eat from an energy healing viewpoint. You won’t want to miss it if you like to cook.

Episode Notes:

Hello and welcome to Episode #7 where we will be talking all about food.

First though, I want to pose this question - Is there a way with energy healing to make the foods you eat healthier, no matter what you are eating.

There is so much conflicting information about healthy food and diets, who knows what to eat anymore.

But did you know there are things you can do to make any food you eat healthier for you? I’ll share ways to do this with your energy.

You won’t want to miss it if you like to cook.

But first, I want to tell you a cute story of what I did a few weeks ago that I loved. Who out there has stink bugs around their house. We had massive amounts of them all over our house.

Even in the winter, a few would show up each day in the house, and I had to get rid of them.

We figured we would get an exterminator to get rid of them once they really started showing up when it got warm.

Last summer, they were all over the outside of our house so I didn’t want this to happen again this year.

So you know what I did.

A few weeks ago, when the weather started changing, I started to see more of them around the house.

And I was thinking to myself, what if I did a little healing on the house to get rid of those nasty bugs.

Why not. It couldn’t hurt.

And that is the beauty of energy healing. It only takes a short amount of time, I didn’t have to buy anything or go anywhere

So I did a healing. Took literally five minutes.

And you know what. We have no stink bugs around our house anymore.

Maybe it was the healing, maybe not. I tend to think it was. But it sure didn’t hurt anything, and might of helped.

Oh, and after the stink bugs came, we started to get ants. Those little critters must have scared away by the stink bugs.

But after I saw a few of them crawling around, I did another healing on the house for the ants.

Voila, they were gone.

That’s pretty cool.

Maybe in one of my next podcasts I will devote a whole segment on ways to get rid of pests with energy healing.

I can’t get enough of this stuff.

I love it.

But now, onto food.

I want to change your relationship with food. If you do this, there is a healing affect. Change the way you look at food. In America, the media has ruined it for us when it comes to eating. Eat this, don’t eat that, do this, don’t do that. Combine your foods this way, don’t eat foods that way.) Americans are so obsessed with food and diets.)

And the funny thing is, we aren’t any healthier than any other countries. In fact, more than a 1/3 of our population in the US are obese.

Wow, that is terrible, and bad news for the children growing up.

I don’t know about you, but it is confusing out there with talk about food. It’s information overload about what to eat, is it healthy for you, should you eat protein, fats, carbs, eat less, eat more, eat raw, so many options.

From day to day I get conflicting information. Someone says eating all protein and meat is healthy for you, then someone else says go vegan.

Who can keep up!!

Now, I’m not advocating that you don’t watch your diet. I think it is essential to living healthy. But I am not an expert nutritionist, so talking about foods is not my thing. I would say to customize your diet to fit your needs. Some people respond positively to high protein diet, that's great. Eat that.

Someone else responds better to a vegan diet, that’s great. Eat that way. Inherently, I think you know what to eat that makes you feel good or healthy. Keep eating that way.

Your body will tell you if what you are eating is good for you or not. Do you feel logy after eating one type of meal?

Do you feel hungry shortly after eating a meal?

Do you have a lot of energy after eating this meal.? That would be good; you want this.

Did you wake up feeling hungry or tired after a meal like the one you ate last night?

Did you have aches or pains, or heartburn after a meal, or bloating?

These are the types of questions to ask yourself after eating a meal to determine which foods to eat.

Of course, in episode #2, I showed you a technique that can tap into your subconscious mind to ask questions about yourself. And what to eat is a great way to use this technique. You would be able to test for yourself which foods to eat.

But I want to get beyond the diet, and being a student of energy medicine and energy healing, I look at things differently than a lot of other people.

And really, this podcast isn’t about what you should eat or shouldn’t. I’ll leave that to nutritional experts.

I look at diet and eating from an energy standpoint and ask myself, is there anything I can do to my food to energize it for healing.

Remember, you don’t have to be sick to need healing. If you pay attention and keep healing each day, you hopefully won’t ever get sick or at least not as much or as sever

So is there something you can do to make your food more healthy?

The answer I found is definitely yes!

There are.

Here’s a little story. This is a true story.

There was a shaman who was with a friend, and they were really hungry.

The man didn’t want to take his shaman friend to a burger joint, because he thought the shaman would think less of him eating a such an unhealthy place.

But it was the only thing open and around at the time, so he said, Do you want a burger, thinking of all this heart attack food.

The shaman said yes, it sounds good to him.

So they go in, and the man said, "I’m surprise you eat this stuff. It’s not good for you. Aren’t you worried about the cheese and meat and bread?"

The shaman said, not at all. He loves hot dogs and eats a chili dog every morning for breakfast.

He said, it’s not the food that is dangerous, It’s what you think about the food that makes it vulnerable.

He went on to explain that before he eats anything, he says I love you, I love you to his food. If there is anything I am bringing into this situation that would cause this food to be unhealthy, It’s not the food; it’s not even myself. It's something in my mind that is triggering this thought. And I let it go.

Then he goes on to enjoy his food because now it is clean.

When I read that many years ago, it really stuck with me. It changed the way I look at food.

So then I started looking if there were other ways to make your food more healthy with energy. And I was amazed that there are things you can do with energy, which means you use your mind and life force to make your food better to eat.

Granted, I’m not saying go and eat so unhealthy because you can change things with your mind. This guy was a shaman; he was experienced in mind control and energy healing.

Wow, that would be great if our thoughts were that powerful too.

But you know, they are. Unfortunately, here is the key. If you have a history of thinking things are one way, like hot dogs are bad for your health because you’ve been told that since you were young, it will be unhealthy for you. And it’s not that easy undoing those beliefs.

Those beliefs can be cemented into your subconscious mind.

So you need to clean out that subconscious mind in its perception of food to change your relationship with your meals.

And how do you clean out the subconscious mind, with repetition. The more you begin to change your thoughts about your food to a more positive image of it, the more you will squeeze out the bad images of your food in your subconscious mind. Eventually, your subconscious mind will be filled with healthy images of your food.

And that brings me to my first point.

Perception is reality.

Your perception of food is so important, and the thoughts you project onto your food has a dramatic impact on the foods you eat.

Your thoughts are powerful.

Here is what I mean.

When I eat a meal, I am not thinking about how terrible it is for me to the food.

That would just project negative frequencies on to the food.

From the moment you were born, your beliefs set the stage for the life ahead of you. Your beliefs get set from the things you hear around as you grow up. You were guided and instructed as to what to eat and this set the stage for your beliefs about food.

I know its not fair that your past defines the healthiness of your food, but you can start to change that.

You do this incrementally, with baby steps at first.

So in a small way, you can treat every meal as if it is a gift. Don’t keep thinking how unhealthy your food is.

Think of the benefits of eating the food, the nourishing aspect of the food. Set intentions on your food to give you all the nourishment you need at that moment.

Project good thoughts onto your food. Be thankful for your food.

You know. In a symbolic and metaphoric sense, food is a gift from the heavens.

Food is delicious. It’s pleasurable. Food can make us feel good. Eating nourishing food, making nourishing food, feeding others, celebrating with others, if that’s not love – then what is?

Think of when a child is born, “love” to them is being held, the touch of their mother, the soothing voice of their mother, and the sucking of milk from their mother. Even if you fed from a bottle, you were still in your mother’s arms feeling all that love.

Babies can’t think sophisticated enough to distinguish the difference in all those elements. It becomes one intertwined loving experience. So to them, food is love.

Fast forward many years, and a young child may also associate food with love. Very often, they’re rewarded for good deeds with food, or their grandma makes something special for them, like cookies, because they want to show love.

In an article by psychologist Marc David, he states,

"Food is so intertwined with love, the reality is, Food is Love and love is food.

Think of it as love from the planet to you. Think of it as a gift from the trees and the plants and the soil and the flowers and the bees and all the creatures that become food for humans.

And if you want to get just a little spiritual, think of food as a gift from a higher power. In so many religious traditions and cultures around the world, a thankful prayer for the food was important at every meal."

When we lose this deep understanding that food is love, then it becomes just food to manufacture that has no love in it.

Junk food, food that is engineered to get you addicted to it, food that is filled with toxic chemicals. Or animals that are treated terribly.

That is unhealthy food.

If we honor our food and how it is manufactured or grown, then it becomes so much healthier than just eating anything.

For instance, when animals are treated so poorly, caged up like baby calves are, chickens that are so squished in a pen, or cattle that are treated so poorly, those are stressed animals.

Think of the cortisol that is produced when someone is stressed.

If you were to eat food from a majorly stressed animal, it will be laced with cortisol and other harmful hormones that could affect your health.

But trying to eat grass-fed beef, uncaged chicken, food that is from animals that are honored and treated well will be so much better for our health.

I think it makes a difference.

When we honor Mother Earth and the food she produces, we become better people and healthier in turn.

No question about it.

Which brings me to my next point.

It is not just about buying food produced in a way that honors our planet or about being thankful for our food, it also is about preparing it in a way that is healthier for us.

And I don’t mean whether you fry your food or bake it.

I am talking about your attitude when you are preparing your food.

I’m a mother of four kids . I know what a drag it can be to prepare food for a family day in and day out. It can be tedious trying to think of what to eat each night for dinner.

I always laugh when I ask my family, what else can we do with chicken? Right?

But when I learned about the energy of food, I realized I was making the food more unhealthy if my thoughts were always how drudgery it was preparing it.

So to change my thoughts, I do different things while I make dinner.

I will play soothing music when I make dinner.

I might have a glass of wine when I make dinner to help me get more creative with the meal.

I might stream an interesting video when I make the meal to put me in a better mood so I am not projecting bad thoughts on my food.

I think this makes a huge difference.

And you know what is funny. I swear to God that my husband always says, Boy your eggs taste so much better than mine.

I just crack open a few eggs and scramble them. That’s it. I do nothing else.

So you have to think it makes a difference the mental state you are in when you make your food. There is no other way to explain those tasty eggs.

Another way to make your food more healthy is to set intentions for your food.

It’s not just about the thoughts you keep away from your food, like how unhealthy it may be, but set an intention.

Before you place the food in your mouth, say to yourself, “I place the intention that this food will nourish me, give me strength, give me energy, and keep me healthy. Thank you for this nourishing food.”

Then eat it. If you are spiritual, say a prayer of gratitude for your food.

Don’t believe me that prayer can change your food.

Have you ever heard of Masaru Emoto?

He is a famous researcher and photographer who photographed water as it was freezing. What the photos showed were water crystals. And the most amazing thing is that if you said positive words, words of love, joy, gratitude, the water crystals looked beautiful.

If you said words of hate, Hitler, Satan, ugly, then the water looked awful.

A prayer over water made it look beautiful.

So your words spoken or your thoughts, which are just silent words, actually changes the structure of the molecules in water and in our food.

If you don’t believe me, look him up. I will post a few pictures of these crystals from him that show water with different phrases said to it.

I even did my own experiment a few years ago. It was called the rice experiment. I won’t go into it here, because this podcast is getting pretty long.

But you can go to my website and watch the video about the experiment.

It was amazing how the rice looked different depending on if I said I love you to the rice or I said I hate you to the rice.

It's really is hard to believe, if I didn’t do the experiment myself. But it was right before my eyes.


So saying a prayer over your food, expressing love for your food with your thoughts and words changes the structural makeup of your food.

I even saw somewhere that by saying a prayer over your food will make it more alkaline. I can’t remember where I saw it, and if I find it again, I will post the link on this podcast page on my website.

Maybe I will even try this experiment. It would be easy to do.

If I do, I’ll post that too.

But I can see it now, the website snopes will probably debunk this because there isn’t a scientific study that “proves” this.

But I don’t know. It is so easy to do, why not try it.

Why wait for 20 years to go by and they find this to be true.

Then you’ve wasted all those years with food that could have been healthier for you.

I wouldn’t wait.

It’s not like this takes much effort.

Anything that honors our planet and Mother Earth has got to be healthier for you.

A simple 10 seconds before each meal to say something sweet about your food. That’s it.

And that food will become more healthy for you.

Another energetic way to make food healthier for you is to eat food that is alive.

Have you ever thought about your food being dead or alive.

Okay, here’s a quick science lesson, so bear with me for a moment.

All energy on our planet comes from the sun.

When the sun emits it’s rays, that is powerful energy, potential energy.

Then a plant uses sunlight in photosynthesis to convert the sun’s energy to potential energy that gets stored within the plant.

The energy stored in a plant as potential energy then gets eaten by an animal, or human, and becomes energy for that being.

In this way, energy from the sun gets used and reused in many different forms on earth.

So eating raw foods is good.

Think about when you cook something.

You are heating it up to a high degree which would kill anything.

But if you eat something before it is cooked, it still maintains the energy from the sun that would make its way into you.

I don’t advocate an all raw diet. I love food, and the experience of eating a nice steak dinner is great for me.

But I do try to eat something raw at every meal. I try to make 1/3 of my plate fresh, which is usually a salad at each meal.

That’s all. I’m not making it too hard on you. Raw food diets are hard. People that can maintain a raw food diet are disciplined.

Nothing wrong with that if it works for you.

But I think you can add a little raw to each meal to give you that extra energy boost.

And that’s how to make your food healthier for you when you eat it.

If you think about it, love is the ultimate healing emotion.

So love would never guide us to produce toxic foods to sell at a massive profit that destroys our children, our environment, and our future.

And when we truly love food, it will magically love us back.

From there, so much healing is possible.

And there you have it. I’ve given you a few ways to make your food healthier.

Hopefully, I’ve helped you change your relationship with food.

I’ve opened you up to a new way of looking at your food and a new way of preparing it. So you don’t have to worry about your food or find it boring to make it, but love the experience of eating and love everything about food.

So as a recap, there are three things we talked about today are:

Maintain a positive image of food before you eat it and not think about the unhealthiness of you food. You need to change your beliefs about food.

Give intentions before you eat your food. Say the intentions, or at the very least, think them. You may even say a prayer of thanksgiving over your food before you eat it. It does change the structure of the food molecules just like the water crystals we spoke of from Masaru Emoto.

Eat raw foods as much as possible. I’m not saying you have to stay away from that juicy steak, or mashed potatoes. I’m just saying to replace about 1/3 of your plate with something raw. Let the energy from the sun be absorbed by you through your food. Every little bit counts!

And there you have it, ways to make your food healthier with energy.

In my next podcast, we are going to start getting into a very important aspect of energy healing.

The power of your emotions.

I can’t wait to start talking about emotions, because it’s not something you hear many people in mainstream medicine talking about except to medicate you if you feel depressed or are stressed.

But this is a very interesting issue, so we’ll start right from the beginning and talk about how emotions effect our health and any healing we do.

Then we’ll get into more advanced issues with our emotions.

You’re not going to want to miss it. I think you’ll find it facinating.

But until next time,

Keep breathing, keep loving and keep healing, because they are the keys to life.

Have a great week!

See ya then.


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