Zen Meditation สาธารณะ
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Mindfulness is one of the three pillars of Wellness. Join experts from Corethentic; Australia’s premiere Wellness System, as they take you through Meditations aimed at breaking down the barriers that make mindfulness hard to achieve in a busy world. These Meditations are designed to bring calm, focus and give you space to foster the relationship between Mind and body. Also ideal for those with Chronic health and pain issues 🙏🙌🏻
This podcast is about connection from within through guided meditation 🧘🏻‍♂️ 🧘🏼‍♀️ and breathing exercises, spiritual connections & embodiments, and enhancing our awareness as well as expanding our consciousness through daily rituals and interactions. We will dive into and explore powerful guided meditations to connect with the self and discover our inner essence. “To truly know thy selves deepest passions is to discover thy self on all levels of being.” -Mandi Wetter Cover art photo provide ...
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In today’s session from the new Fast Relief Series, Flic guides you through the opening of, and understanding of your senses and how to tap into them to help you let go, understand your thoughts and process pain. This is a fast and deeply effective way to find inner peace 🙏
Welcome to season 3 of Corethentic Zen Meditations! Today we will walk you through using the vagus nerve breathing technique 4:8 ratio, to prevent or overcome panic attacks, pain, tiredness or simply allow you to be calmer and more productive. If you like what you hear please give us a review 🙏
Join Corethentic Founder, Meditation Coach, Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Invisible Illness & Chronic Pain Specialist Flic Manning for 10 minutes of bliss. Establish the basic skills of Mindfulness in an easy to do, easy to maintain way 🙏
On today’s episode we cover a beautiful visualisation of a rose as we confront personal growth and our abilities to cope with change. We hope you enjoy and benefit from this simple visualisation technique and if you enjoy it we ask you to kindly leave a review 🙏
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