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After being asked about starting podcasts and getting into the radio biz, host Zach McCrite fires up his smartphone to throw up bite-sized advice on creating audio content. McCrite, a veteran of sports radio for over 20 years and podcast creator of “The Podcast About Sports Radio” (the first podcast of its kind devoted to interviewing sports radio legends and experts), had been asked enough about how to get start a podcast or get into the radio biz that he just thought he’d share thoughts on ...
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Getting started in Podcasting has never been as easy as it is right now. Plus, learn the biggest mistake in people make in first podcast episode (and how not to make it yourself).
Intro To My Station... Media/Podcasting Thoughts Coming Soon! • If you want to create content... GREAT... just START! • If you want to be in Radio, podcasting is THE avenue to take to get there!
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