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Forget what you learned about the origin of printing. Movable type using Chinese porcelain pegs was invented by Bi Sheng in 1040, four centuries before Gutenberg and his press. And where there is printing, there is copyright, too. So, yes, you can also forget that other myth, the one that says China and copyright are incompatible.…
Estimates vary, but at least 3 million Iranians have emigrated since 1979. The United States has the largest such community, centered in Los Angeles, and fancifully called Tehrangeles. Many other Iranians and their families live in Turkey, Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom.โดย Velocity of Content
Today, in a world of smartphones and tablets, publishing – as practiced by authors, publishers and booksellers – is all about licensing. The observation is a timely one on World Intellectual Property (IP) Day.โดย Velocity of Content
Over her career as publisher and entrepreneur, Judy Piatkus found herself at Buckingham Palace and Number 10 Downing Street. She got there by giving a generation of readers, most of them women, what they wanted most to find in books – a way to see themselves in a new and fresh light.โดย Velocity of Content
Elsevier is the world’s largest scholarly publisher and publishes more than 500,000 articles annually in 2,500 journals, while the University of California system includes more than 280,000 students and more than 227,000 faculty and staff.โดย Velocity of Content
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