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DISCLAIMER: These minisodes are not for kids or those who scare easily. For the month of October we're doing a series of minisodes about infamous killers from Utah with our special guest, Daniel Blaser. This first one is a "mild" one about Charles Theide, the first person executed after Utah became a state. Stay tuned for more in this series and pl…
Like us, you've probably watched "Murder Among the Mormons" on Netflix and we curious where some of the locations are around Salt Lake City. In this episode we have special guest Daniel Blaser on to take us on a Dark Tour to the locations involved in the Mark Hofmann case and some locations from the documentary itself. We also have all the location…
This week, Sarah talks about Utah's top five...everything–--from Universities and high schools to largest cities and smallest towns. Do you have a favorite music venue, ski resort, donut place, hike, or National Park? See where it ranks on this incredibly random list of Utah's top five's.โดย Utah Famous
This week's episode we recorded with Nate and Brandon for their podcast, This is a Place! We discussed why we started both our podcasts and, since they talk about places in Utah, we talked a little more about Allen Park/Hobbitville since we visited it after doing our initial episode. We hope you enjoy this episode and give a listen to This is a Pla…
We couldn't get through the holidays without sneaking an episode in especially about something truly important: Hallmark Movies! There were a handful filmed in Utah this year and this week Sarah breaks down the stories and filming locations along with some formulas for a good Hallmark Movie. Merry Christmas!…
Did you know that the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake used to be the world famous Hotel Utah? This week, Jordan will give us the history of this beautiful building and what once was including celebrity guests, clothing requirements, and why the Mormon's allowed a bar in the hotel.โดย Utah Famous
This week, Jordan gives us the run-down of the historic Devereaux Mansion in Salt Lake City including the tales of it being haunted. Have you been there? Have you seen anything spooky? Well, Jordan has and will share her story with us on this week's episode.โดย Utah Famous
The Autumn colors have hit Utah and one of the best spots for viewing them is at the Sundance Resort! This week, Sarah digs into the history of the mountain resort (before and after Robert Redford came along) and finds some interesting bits to the story that make Sundance what it is today.โดย Utah Famous
As summer vacation comes to a close it's time to head back to school for a study hall session of High School Musical. This week Jordan provides everything you need to know (but let's be honest, we will do more episodes later) on the groundbreaking Disney Channel franchise that put East High School on the map.…
Don't go chasing waterfalls but if you need something to do during quarantine...then by all means chase this one. This week Sarah goes into the history of Provo Canyon's beloved and beautiful Bridal Veil Falls including the legend that we didn't know existed.โดย Utah Famous
Known for his memorable songs from Disney films, Leigh Harline hails from Utah and we couldn't be more proud. This week Jordan takes us into the history of this composer and songwriter and proves that Disney wouldn't be Disney without some key Utah players.โดย Utah Famous
Here's a good old murder mystery from 1895 to keep you distracted through your quarantine days! Sarah takes us through the story of three cousins that were murdered near Pelican Point on Utah Lake and the crazy story that follows.โดย Utah Famous
This week we are joined by Sam Braegger of the Utah Lake Commission to continue our discussion on Utah Lake and where things are now. We cover everything from algae blooms to monsters (with some conservation efforts and recreational activities thrown in for good measure).โดย Utah Famous
There's a certain romanticism attached to the Pony Express and this week Sarah goes into the short but memorable history of the fastest mail delivery system in the wild west (which also might involve watching the swoony 90s show "Young Riders").โดย Utah Famous
For those of you who didn't know, everyone's favorite buddy comedy Dumb and Dumber was filmed in Utah! This week Jordan fills us in on the behind the scenes and filming locations so if you've got no food, no job, and your pet's heads are falling off, give this episode a listen.โดย Utah Famous
Martha Hughes Cannon was a Utah State Senator and the first female Senator in the entire United States making her one of the coolest women in Utah's history--that and a whole lot more about this impressive lady in this week's episode.โดย Utah Famous
This week we do our first interview and test the waters with Sarah's brother Drew Champion who went from filming the morning announcements at Orem High School to writing for and co-producing an animated Netflix show with Dreamworks Animation (and a lot of stuff in between).โดย Utah Famous
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