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The first of a two part word given by Peter Louis on the Lord’s table. Why is there deliverance in the cup of remembrance? This is the joy of salvation - the Father invites us to enjoy His bread, wine, and oil in the presence of our enemies.โดย UPPERROOM DALLAS
As we look at Jesus through the lens of covenant, we see clearly that the Father is drawing the Bride to the Bridegroom. Our friend Joshua David, Pastor of UPPERROOM India, takes us through key verses in Ezekiel that clearly outline the heart of God - He stops to cover and restore the broken.โดย UPPERROOM DALLAS
“The process of repentance starts with God - not with our sin.” Kevin clears up misconceptions about repentance that are often deeply rooted in shame and guilt. The Lord Himself is the treasure uncovered in turning our faces to Him.โดย UPPERROOM DALLAS
The indwelling Spirit of God and a choice to surrender to His leadership will truly transform a heart. Lorisa continues with the importance of a relationship with the Person of the Holy Spirit. It is our desire to grow in the fear of the Lord and the comfort of the Holy Spirit.โดย UPPERROOM DALLAS
We are living for the day when we hear the words “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Miller talks on how to practically be faithful with what the Lord has given you and steward what belongs to Him in the first place. You can find his notes here: upperroom.co/notesโดย UPPERROOM DALLAS
What does it mean for the people of God to display honor in a world where it seems to be in extreme lack? Kevin Tipps presents an opportunity for us to grow up into the honor we see displayed in the God-Head with application that will bring the Kingdom of God to the earth as we pursue it.โดย UPPERROOM DALLAS
In continuation of knowing the Person of the Holy Spirit, we open 1 Corinthians 14 to hear from Paul the different ways the gift of tongues can be expressed. As you listen, may the questions around this gift be answered in the reality of the Holy Spirit praying the perfect will of God through you.โดย UPPERROOM DALLAS
We heard from our close friend Michael Koulianos tonight on what makes our King great. We look at Hebrews 1 to find the message coming from the heart of the Father to be “Son”, and the answer to greatness found in His marvelous death and resurrection.โดย UPPERROOM DALLAS
Miller continues with ways that we can lay a pathway in our time personally & cooperatively to encounter the Person of Holy Spirit. A heart postured in gratitude is a heart open to encounter the Spirit of wisdom & revelation in the knowledge of Jesus.โดย UPPERROOM DALLAS
We have an Advocate, a Helper in the Holy Spirit. Miller teaches from John 14 on the Son asking the Father to send the Spirit and the reality we now live in through our relationship with the Person of Holy Spirit. Where the Lordship of the Spirit is, there is freedom. As this truth hits your heart, we pray you are liberated from the sorrow of the p…
There is fresh bread for every child of God in the secret place, and the Father wants to feed you the bread of His Son. Lorisa provokes us to retreat to the secret just as Jesus displayed in the Gospels to meet with the Father who enjoys ministering His love to our hearts.โดย UPPERROOM DALLAS
More than simply believing the Gospel, Peter Louis provokes us to actually touch it. When this revelation of Jesus becomes a genuine confession, the way in which we walk is transformed by the power of God to save.โดย UPPERROOM DALLAS
The way that we as a Church will experience a greater glory of the Lord is through the fear of the Lord. As we revere Him, honor Him, prefer Him, we will see the fullness of who He is. Miller shows us that through divine order, God crowned man with His glory in Genesis. This is the heartbeat of what we’re after - that the glory of the Lord would re…
It is good to remember why it’s important to get in the presence of God and let Him transform us on the inside. Lorisa walks us through worship from the very beginning of the Word and the beauty of ministering to the Lord now as new covenant believers.โดย UPPERROOM DALLAS
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