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Two Scrums Up

Two Scrums Up

Sarah Rose Belok & John Ragozzine, Certified Scrum Masters

Learn how your team can reach their full potential. Our Agile advice, anecdotes, and research-based practices can be applied to all teams with and without Scrum. Let us help you build equity-minded and people-first, high performing teams.
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Tony's in Aruba. Things go well until Tony disappears into a fog of technica difficulties. Before Tony disappears, he and Jimmy cover GoPro problems, drunken robots, some Olympic events and even a game show winner.โดย two boston guys
Tony and Jimmy talk about a lot of stories and issues. They cover fantasy football nerds, baseball hall of fame, Nantucket, Ford Broncos, tiny sandwiches, Santa shortages, car thieves and weed brownies.โดย two boston guys
Jimmy and Tony cover an unbelievable number of topics in this holiday delight. The discuss football, family, parades, boats, Grammy awards, Kid Rock, hotel reviews, airline travel and goats.โดย two boston guys
This special episode was recorded live at The Rex in Manchester, NH on October 15, 2021. Tony and Jimmy are up to their usual antics except they had a live audience to witness their comedic genius.โดย two boston guys
Tony and Jimmy are still not out of shit to talk about. Tony's trying to get his woke card and Jimmy talks about his jaunt to the Cape and Nantucket. Even with all that, they cover a bunch of the news.โดย two boston guys
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