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Trot The Egg In

Trot The Egg In

Trot The Egg In

We’ll be delving into the story behind the player. Showing you what it’s took for the player to get to where they are now, right from the very first trot as a child. Trot the egg in will give you the real character on and off the field. Hope you enjoy listening.
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Paul talks us through being involved in an international camp and the people he met and friendships he developed. A new stadium not long followed by a promotion and everything that comes with it. Paul shares his 1-13 from the decades spent at Widnes RLFC
We hear how an opportunity of a life time called time on Kurts playing career earlier than anticipated. He grasped that opportunity and he’s having a great career in the coaching box. He shares his 1-13 that he’s played with and/or coached
Ste answers our “daft questions” and reveals his 1-13. This caps of a great honest chat about a great career but a better fella and family man. He’s someone the RFL should utilise to help with youngsters attitudes towards elite rugby league and what can happen either side of the coin.
An opportunity arises at college which James grasps with both hands but where will it take him? We chat plans during and after his career and where he believes the game can grow and attract. We hear his 1-13 of players he’s played with.
We hear how rugby became more than a hobby for the enforcer, the opportunities that came his way courtesy of his ability and having a young family during his playing days. Relished the opportunity to play higher standards but loved playing with his mates which is reflected in his 1-13.
Shaun talks us through his professional life on and off the pitch. Some things happen in life but Shaun being who he is faces them head on and gives it his best shot. He shares his experiences and has a real appetite to help the next generation. He tells us his 1-13
We hear a raw and honest account of his circumstances with the unfortunate demise of a once promising club in Toronto. He praises the contribution of a couple of parties and how he’s learnt from that and now thoroughly enjoys his new environment. Andrew shares his 1-13.
Gary talks us through his professional career along with the ups and the downs that the pro game come with. Very open and honest with where he found himself. Walking away from the game was a serious thought, why did the game make such a talent feel that way? He talks through his 1-13.
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