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Hillbilly House, the electronic dance duo from Connecticut AKA the Two Hillbillies "Rich Dittman and Tim Costa" from the radio station WWUH, faithfully pumped out the sounds of New York, Chicago House and Detroit Techno in the late 80’s til the mid 90’s. They were critically involved with breaking new music in CT while collaborating with the local Club Riot in Hartford. The label released tracks from artists Laurent X, Mark Imperial, Mark Summers, Aqua Regia, Ed Crosby and Grey House, Piano ...
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Hillbilly House Feat. Stick Up BoysSong title: Smokin Coffee BreakLabel: Stick Up MusicRelease date: August 2020New deep and uplifting house track from the infamous Hillbilly House has just hit the airwaves. Featuring one of the best up and coming writers/producers from Brighton UK, the Stick Up Boys, this song is already being played on some the f…
In this episode we're joined by Elise Maile, Tim Stewart, Val Kroll and Manuel da Costa to discuss the soft skills and sales skills that CROs need beyond being able to build and run tests. These skills help Optimizers build transformational testing programsโดย Effective Experiments
In this live version of the podcast, we talk about how CRO has evolved from 2010 and what it will evolve into in the next decade. A lot of interesting predictions for the upcoming decade and how to best prepare for those challenges.โดย Effective Experiments
Very few CRO teams escape their testing silo. We explore how Experimentation Ops make it possible to educated, engage and evangelise a testing culture. Host Manuel da Costa is joined by Valerie Kroll and Tim Stewartโดย Effective Experiments
Traditional CRO project management or program management is not enough to make a testing program successful. In this podcast, we introduce you to ExperimentationOps which is going to transform your testing programs.โดย Effective Experiments
Nima Yassini from New Republique in Australia joins us for a conversation about the state of CRO down under. We also discuss the use of Neuroeconomics in CRO.โดย Effective Experiments
Guests include Unn Swanström from Doberman and Valerie Kroll from Search discovery. We discuss how UX and CROs work together or against each other and how to break down the silos to achieve the same goals.โดย Effective Experiments
In this episode, we discuss the importance of an outside view to vet the quality of your experiments. Guests include Chad Sanderson and Tim Stewartโดย Effective Experiments
CRO. Conversion Rate Optimization. Is it the right phrase to describe our daily activities as optimizers? In this episode, we discuss whether CRO is a good word to use and explore alternatives. Joined by Valerie Kroll (Search Discovery) & Connor Wilkinson (Asda Walmart)โดย Effective Experiments
In this episode, Alex Abell joins Manuel da Costa to discuss how making a personal connection with people you work with will transform your CRO program and break down silosโดย Effective Experiments
Joined by Chad Sanderson from Microsoft, Tim Stewart, and Alex Abell from Lunchpool to discuss the ethics of experimentation. Conversionations is the podcast for Conversion Optimizers brought to you by Effective Experimentsโดย Effective Experiments
This episode features new guests Valerie Kroll (Search Discovery) and Guido Jansen joining Tim Stewart and Manuel da Costa to talk about the mistakes Conversion Optimizers are still making in 2018. Whilst the industry has matured, rookie errors are holding back CROs from truly achieving success.โดย Effective Experiments
Techno Congrats to the Fathers of Hardcore. This is a Hillbilly House Nico "the flying dutchman" Mulder Tribute to their 25 year anniversary celebration Feb 9, 2019 Ziggo Dome Amsterdamโดย Tim Costa
In this episode Tim Stewart takes charge as the host of Conversionations and talks to Chad Sanderson about Getting out of your comfort zone as a CRO.โดย Effective Experiments
In this podcast, Chad Sanderson and Manuel da Costa discuss the challenges of setting up a CRO program and introducing it to the wider organisation.โดย Effective Experiments
Joining us in this episode is Andrew Anderson who has a lot of experience in experimentation and offers a different approach to experimentation. Mid way through, we are joined by Chad Sanderson who takes up the questioning.โดย Effective Experiments
This episode sees Manuel da Costa joined by Tim Stewart and Paul Rouke talking about digital transformation and the maturity of the CRO industryโดย Effective Experiments
CRO Podcast with host Manuel da Costa and guests Tim Stewart and Chad Sanderson. In this episode we talk about how to set up and design an experiment the right way, dispel common misconceptions and touch on hypothesis building.โดย Effective Experiments
CRO podcast with host Manuel da Costa and guest Bart Schutz (Online Dialogue). In this episode, we talk about the realities of using gamification to engage your stakeholders and team members in your company when running experimentation programmes.โดย Effective Experiments
CRO podcast with host Manuel da Costa and guests Chad Sanderson (Optimization manager / Subway) and Tim Stewart (Optimization Consultant / TRS Digital ) . In this episode, we talk about the challenges, myths and realities of AI and Machine learning in the experimentation space.โดย Effective Experiments
This episode involves the latest news in the world of optimization and sensationalised marketing by testing tool vendors pushing out new technologies.โดย Effective Experiments
Conversion optimization chat show / podcast with the founder of Effective Experiments, Manuel da Costa and Optimization manager of Subway, Chad Sanderson. This episode is the first in the series and touches on the state of the CRO industry and the various aspects of it.โดย Effective Experiments
Hillbilly House May Day celebration with techno on Big Bamboo Radio copy this link to follow. http://mixlr.com/hillbillyhouse/Feel Free to download or listen in itunes by searching Hillbilly Houseโดย Tim Costa
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