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All summer long we have been taking you on road trips across this vast land of ours on the Soul Highway. This week we decided to build a bridge to take us across the water and around the globe as we spread the Soul Highway worldwide. From England to Jamaica, from Canada to Mexico, with stops all over the map.…
Our summer travel series the Soul Highway is in high gear as we cruise the tollways….destination Chicago. We highlight the best the Windy City has to offer. So if you dig Curtis Mayfield and Donny Hathaway or Chaka Khan & Jennifer Hudson, we have the best Chicago Soul Now & Then.
We cruise down the Soul Highway to Ohio & check out all the Ohio Players…..not just the band of the same name, but great musicians and songwriters like The O’Jays, Babyface, Gerald Levert, Zapp, Roger & more. It’s our summer travel series the Soul Highway!
We're getting you up on the musical alphabet again. This time featuring the letters N and O. Now together that could spell NO, but you will say YES to artists that have the letters N or O in their 1st or last names. Think Ohio Players and New Edition ….Get It?
Its back to class we go on another educational edition of TTNAT as we continue the musical alphabet. We share the 13th letter with you playing music from artists who have that letter M begin their 1st or last names… get ready for Maxwell and Maze and Some Bruno and MC Hammer.
We're bringing you in from recess back to the classroom as we get our musical alphabet on, studying the letters I & J. Of course you are thinking Jacksons, and there will be that…. along with some Isleys, Jay Z, Rick James Quincy and more. The Musical Alphabet continues on Top Ten Now And Then.
Now that we are close to getting back to school, it is time for another lesson in the musical ABC’s. We have worked our way up to the letter G and you can be sure the artists will all be GREAT. We have some Georges, something Ginuwine and something Green plus a whole lot more!
Marvin Gaye would be celebrating his birthday April 2nd. We honor that special day with a look at his life and his music. We share rare interviews from Marvin Gaye, and hear from many that Marvin influenced. We talk about his lasting legacy and why he meant so much to all of us. Let's Get It On!
We're getting the chalkboard ready for another lesson in the musical alphabet. We are up to the 6th letter and it’s a FFFunky One. Yep all your favorite artists who have an F begin their 1st or last name. Its everybody from Aretha Franklin to Fat Joe
It’s a bittersweet edition of TTNAT this week as we salute those who passed on and made their way to Soul Heaven last year. We share the music of some of your favorites, and other folks, who contributed to the soundtrack of your life.
Join us in the classroom again…virtually of course. It is time to re-acquaint you with the musical ABC’s. Naturally, we start it off with A and we will roll thru to Z as the year progresses. It’s your favorite artists with the letter A in their name, from Aaliyah to Alicia on TTNAT.
I want to kiss you. Now before you say yes or no, let me inform you it’s a musical kiss and we will do it socially distanced. The fine art of kissing in song is on this weeks TTNAT. So come on Pucker up and get ready for everything from The Manhattans to Prince and Sade to Michael Jackson. It’s a make out session with music.…
We have a place saved at the head of the table for you as we serve up the tastiest meal you will ever have. We will eat & drink our way thru a musical feast that will leave you fat & happy. So get those last minute workouts in as we loosen our belt and give you the funkiest songs about food & drink.
We take a “look” at the Greatest R&B Video Artists OAT. Since back in 81 when MTV came on the scene, groundbreaking artists like Michael & Prince and new jacks like Bruno and Drake have created visual films of their tunes that has changed the game of music.
There’s an election coming up and you have been hearing the debates, and all the rhetoric that goes with it. So we let the music sway your vote. It’s the top 10 political songs of all time, all with a message that is powerful and poignant.
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