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We continue on a dirty journey and un G rated chit chat about buying way too many snacks, doggy haircuts, bunny weirdness, cat minding, King Lear, fixer upperers and jangly pop...and pumpkin fight club.
We are straight into it with how Americans are fascinated by the Aussie accent, we are also on the subject of getting caught perving. A random phone call costs Micko a carton of beer and we close out with bad presents.
We start off by channeling the mechanics podcast as pumpkin has some car troubles and picks a fight with some toe truck drivers in her sports bra.Julia brags about her perfect teeth and explains her jaw pain issue and no its not what you think. The team work out Julia’s country and western name and her snarfing problem; also Mick says a few words.…
Micko’s course is finally done or is it? Now he is in two minds to go for graduation drinks with the teen students, we find out what’s the difference between a brothel and a pub, Julia gets called a very naughty word and it's not pumpkin and Micko is off to a 50th reunion plus loads of useless info.
Julia can barely get a dirty word in while Micko gloats & gushes over his NYC/ Canada holiday and meeting his heroes Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls at band camp...
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