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I am empowered, engraced and entrusted, to - Inform, instruct and inspire generations to greatness, through the power, the polish and the panache, of the Spoken, the Written and the Performed word. I am, The Quintessential Polymath, Oladele Olunike,QP™
About podcast: Mental health is often stigmatised which makes talking about it difficult. We fear being judged or treated differently. This is a space to share the mental health journeys of the host and her friends (real and virtual), interspersed with professional perspectives in the hope of normalising this part of our wellbeing; remembering that we are always perfectly ourselves. Podcast format: total time 20min: (1) Intro to podcast episode [2min] | (2) Perspectives from our host [5min] ...
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My friends Vinny and Carol join me to tell the amazing, life-saving accounts that Vinny has experienced with various health challenges. This is a powerful and fun conversation with two very amazing people! You will be blessed!โดย quintcl
This is a great and very real conversation with my friend, Dan Sheldon. Dan had a sex and porn addiction that God completely delivered him from. He is very honest and authentic in this powerful testimony on what God can do when we hand over whatever is holding us back!โดย quintcl
In 2022, I will be featuring amazing testimonies of what God has done in the lives of people who I am privileged to go through life with. This first episode is the testimony of how God changed the trajectory of Erie First Assembly through our giving to Kingdom missions all around the world. It's an amazing example of how God moves when we trust Him…
The final episode in our conversations on personality. This one covers a lot so have a notepad ready or listen to it twice. Lots of Scripture and powerful truths get shared as we wrap up this big conversation. Thanks TJ for contributing!!โดย quintcl
This is a really great conversation on the role of our personality types in our unique Christian journeys. TJ has a lot of background and time invested in this subject and offers some really great insight. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3!โดย quintcl
Listen in as I discuss what full-time campus ministry looks like with Chi Alpha Campus Director TJ Schaefer. TJ and I will be doing a series of conversations on identity, personality strengths/weaknesses and much more. This is an opportunity to get to know who TJ is before we jump into those episodes. TJ does work on the front-lines of ministry by …
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