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Bask in the simple joys of being right. The Michael Knowles Show cuts through the madness of our politics and culture, analyzing the top stories of the day. Monday through Friday.If you like The Michael Knowles Show, become a member TODAY with promo code: KNOWLES and enjoy the exclusive benefits for 10% off at
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Former president Trump dominates CPAC, Democrats appear to turn on NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo as another woman accuses him of sexual harassment, and a famous priest doesn’t respect God’s preferred pronouns.โดย The Daily Wire
Join Ben Shapiro, Jeremy Boreing, Andrew Klavan, Matt Walsh, and Michael Knowles as they discuss Joe Biden’s totally normal, 100% NOT radical presidency, what we can do to fill our time now that literally everything is canceled (yes, even The Muppets), and why we’re thrilled to be making a film with Gina Carano. Tune in every Friday to watch Ben Sh…
Biden’s COVID advisor can’t explain why the Left’s policies aren’t working, the White House leaves the door open to “reparations,” and Kamala Harris amasses more power in the West Wing.โดย The Daily Wire
The Senate votes not to convict Donald Trump in his impeachment trial, making him the most acquitted president in American history; Michael’s doppelgänger resigns from the White House; and President Biden remakes U.S. policy.โดย The Daily Wire
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