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We discuss the striking similarities between the mockumentary "Incident at Loch Ness" and the real documentary "Creature From Big Muddy: An Illinois Bigfoot Legend". Joined by guest Dustin Blakeman, who also composed a special intro for this episode. "Human Clicktrack" - Dustin Blakeman: I think it's only fitting for an episode about monsters and e…
Thad, Kara, and Jeremiah explore alarmist propaganda in film. First, they look at the 1984 red scare WWIII fantasy RED DAWN followed by a deft exploration of the effects of cold war paranoia in WARGAMES.โดย The Fandomentals
Thad, Kara, and Jeremiah look at three fantasy films and discuss how they seem particularly structured and geared towards children. Beneath the Screen of the Ultra-Critics is a proud member of the Fandomentals Network.โดย The Fandomentals
The trio looks at David Simon's HBO 6 part miniseries, "Show Me a Hero" (2015). Starring Oscar Issac, Alfred Molina, Catherine Keener, and Ilfenesh Hadera, and directed by Paul Haggis, the series looks at a Yonkers Public Housing project and the ups and downs of getting it built.โดย The Fandomentals
This episode we look at Too Big to Fail and The Big Short, two movies about the 2008 market crash. Thad, Kara, and Jeremiah discuss and analyze how effective each movie is in structuring its message.โดย The Fandomentals
Thad, Kara, and Jeremiah are joined by Alejandra as they discuss Fascism in the Sci-fi and Fantasy genres. The four discuss Starship Troopers, Pan's Labyrinth, and Thor: Ragnarokโดย The Fandomentals
Thad, Kara, and Jeremiah take a break from talking about propaganda, sort of, and look at the Western genre. The trio look at Johnny Guitar, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and the 2013 Japanese remake of Unforgiven.โดย The Fandomentals
Thad, Kara, and Jeremiah look at movies critiquing capitalism both in broad terms and specifically. The trio looks at '9 to 5', "Two Days, One Night', and 'Support the Girls'.โดย The Fandomentals
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