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Lutheran Church of The Cross Podcasts

Lutheran Church of The Cross

Welcome to the weekly audio podcast for Lutheran Church of the Cross in Altoona, IA where we believe in practical faith - faith that makes a difference in your every day life. Our desire is that this podcast will give you tools to implement faith throughout your week. Visit us at
Weekly Sermons from Holy Cross Lutheran Church. We serve the community of Athens, and the students of the University of Georgia, by preaching and living out the good news of Jesus Christ and his saving love for the world. We worship each week at 9:00 and 10:30 at Holy Cross Lutheran Church (800 Westlake Drive).
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God’s Word is not confined to a location, a people, or a generation. It is living and active and speaks into our daily lives as a sufficient resource for all things that pertain to life and godliness!
This message is the ninth message in our sermon series, "Songs of Renewal." Friend and Pastor from Providence Church, Afshin Ziafat, shares with us what true biblical repentance is. Psalm 51 + Turns to God + Confesses Sin + Begs for Mercy + Longs for Restoration + Seeks God's Gloryโดย Afshin Ziafat
God wants us to desire his reign, to hunger for his kingdom, to set our hopes on it above all else. And this is good news because it means that we do not have to squash our desire. Whenever or where-ever God calls us, it will be to joyful work that applies our gifts to the world’s deepest needs. Yet we must be ready and alert for His call, hungry f…
This message is the eighth message in our sermon series, "Songs of Renewal." Friend and Pastor from Northway Church, Shea Sumlin, teaches us how to have trust in God in seasons of uncertainty. Psalm 33 + No matter what God has for us, our posture should be thanksgiving + God is sovereign over everything + Nothing can thwart God's plans + God sees y…
Jesus' call to let go of our possessions is meant to lead us into deeper FREEDOM. Unencumbered by the anxiety about our stuff, we are free to answer his call. Support the showโดย Pastor Nathan Hilkert
The Bible is not meant to be just another instrument in our toolbox of life. God gifted us his inspired, authentic, authoritative, inerrant, and sufficient Word so that we may know Him, be made Holy, and to be equipped for the work of His Kingdom.
This message is the seventh message in our sermon series, "Songs of Renewal." Our friend and partner from Dallas Chinese Bible Church, David Tang, encourages us to renew our trust of God in times of suffering. Psalm 31 Sermon Notes: + Cry out to the God who hears + Align our hearts to God's truth + Commit ourselves to the God who redeems…
This message is the seventh in our sermon series, "Songs of Renewal." Our friend, Lance Shumake, will remind us of our great mission as believers. Psalm 96 + God's ultimate mission is to be glorified in all the earth. + Our mission is to declare the greatness of God. + Our mission is to ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name + Our mission is to…
The controversy of this text for us is that it seems to slight Martha for doing what women were expected to do in First Century culture (and still ARE expected to do in many places). That can blind us to the fact, though, that for its first hearers and readers, the controversy of this text is its depiction of a woman LEARNING and ACTING AS A DISCIP…
This message is the sixth in our sermon series, "Songs of Renewal." Our church partner and pastor of All People's Church, Kenji Adachi, will encourage us to place our hope in God. Psalm 20 +Admit we are hopeless without God + We must appeal to the Lord.โดย Kenji Adachi
With today's parable of the "Good Samaritan," Jesus turns the question of the lawyer on its head. Instead of worrying about who (or who is not) our neighbor, we are asked to answer this question: "Who are YOU?" Will we be neighbors to others? Will we define ourselves in relation to Jesus, and freely serve whoever is in need? Support the show…
If we believe that God desires for us to know Himself and His purpose, then we must believe that He will communicate this to us somehow. If He is all powerful, then we can expect that He will succeed in doing this.
This message is the fourth in our sermon series, "Songs of Renewal." Our Student Minister, Nathaniel Kuhns, will be teaching us, helping us discover how the blessed life is being known. Psalm 32 +To live a blessed life is to be known by God + To live a blessed life is to be known by othersโดย Nathaniel Kuhns
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