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Alright summer babies, get your tanning oil, write some love letters and memorize Shakespeare sonnets! We are talking Bachelor’s in Paradise , we took a week off but we got all caught up on weeks 1&2 and we are ready to dig in.
It wasn’t the ending we wanted . But it was the ending we deserved. You need to be this age to ride the ride. Melia, Michael and Drew Discuss the Bachelorette season finale and what the future of the franchise may be
Men tell all! Also men say nothing! Another episode of Luke P getting too much air time. But surprise surprise we have our brightest moment yet revealing a new live action Bachelor Experience you won’t want to miss.
Luke P.’s shenanigans have finally come to an end. Peter and Hannah Come together. Michael, Melia & Drew come undone. This season has been exhausting and we are hoping a 23 year old lead is never chosen again.
Happy Hometowns! Just kidding it was weird. Hannah goes home with 4 guys and decides to take all of them to fantasy suites. This seems like the calm before what hopefully ends up being the most dramatic storm in Bachelor History.
Himalayan Salt Lamps are lovely! What’s it like to be on a production set anyway? Melia tells her behind the scenes stories. Michael opens up about his favorite type of lighting. And Drew explains how The Hague has magical Hogwarts - like teleportation abilities. Also, Hannah cries and we talk about it.…
Surprise! 2 bachelorette episodes in 1, well 1 1/2 if you consider Chris Harrison and Hannah recapping the season so far. Luke P. May need a trigger warning. Drew’s crush on Tyler C deepens and Michael turns on Hannah in this week’s episode.
Is Cam the Riddler? Will the Bachelorette and Drag Race merge into one show? Michael relates Hannah having a melt down to his childhood Christmas Mornings. Melia Renee, Drew Korb and their Daddy Michael Christopher Morin discuss the latest on The Bachelorette.
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