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Shelby felt as if she was asleep for most of the day, until she realized that she had to do a radio show. HA!!! OUR GAIN! Time to wake up!!!Check out the latest episode from your favorite Texas Psychic Medium!
Shelby reflects on her previous show as well as talks about her experiences with a set of Doreen Virtue Angel Tarot Cards and how they can play a role in your metaphysical being. PLUS - Shelby's LIVE READ with a caller, and a voice from the past surprises her.
This episode deals with problems that you face when you try to connect with people's energy.....and their Skype connection. Nevertheless, your favorite psychic medium works through it, and eventually gets everything working in the end.
With moving into a new house, there is new energy. In this episode, Shelby talks about how she sorted through "purposeful chaos", and how all of the events that have happened recently in her life made sense with finding out one small detail.
Disaster averted! Shelby's battle with eviction has been won! Now, it's back to basics! Taxes caught up, energies cleared, and on to bigger things...like LOVE!!......and she STILL has time to do a show!!! Check it out!
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