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We've got a teencentric episode this week with Catherine and Justin joining the normal crew. We had a lot of fun just hanging out. Big shout out to Justin for calling in on this week's episode of The Chris Gethard Show to call out Chris Gethard for his lies regarding this podcast.
In what might be the best episode so far, Pro Wrestler Colt Cabana joins the teenz as they discuss wrestling, comedy, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, and Andres getting into fist fights.
Following an all night editing session, Teenz Talkn' TCGS is proud to bring you an absolutely wonderful episode. Connor Ratliff joins the teens in the longest episode yet, as their conversation runs the gamut from the Cancel Colbert controversy to Andres' dislike of the Spanish language, despite his Colombian heritage.…
After a tireless and exhausting 19 minute campaign to get them on the show, the Teenz are incredibly excited to be joined by Jeff Rubin and Pat Cassels who answer questions about working at CollegeHumor and their lives as teenz. Let's face it, this podcast is all downhill from here.
Holly from Australia joins the crew in this podcast which was recorded at 2 AM est. Andres gets very cranky because it's way past his bedtime and the teenz ask increasingly stupid and juvenile questions about Australia.
Episode 6 ends with JD Amato's audio cutting off due to technical difficulties. Using magic we were able to kinda salvage what comes next. The sound quality is absolutely terrible and very very quiet, but hey it's a bonus episode what more can you ask for?
JD Amato, Producer and Director of The Chris Gethard Show joins the podcast and immediately turns the table on the teenz as he asks the teens about their lives. Don' t miss this podcast that the teenz' future children will certainly be embarrassed to hear. BONUS: Half the episode was lost due to technical difficulties, so stayed for Episode 6.5: Th…
It's not quite as long as last week's, but it's pretty darn close. Celeste from Canada joins the podcast as the teenz talk about Degrassi, looneys and Andres' experience living in France without Wifi. If you thought you knew too much about Andres, prepare to know a hell of a lot more!
An episode specially made for JD Amato. Griffin Newman, star of Blue Bloods and Law and Order, appears on the podcast to talk TCGS and his teenage years. Andres continues his oversharing and the gang has a whale of a time in this supersized podcast that clocks in at nearly 2 hours.
Paige is absent in this absolute disaster of an episode Andres describes as "Our best episode yet!". Imogen joins the teenz all the way from England in the first international episode of this super radical podtastic TCGS podcast.
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