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This study continues the central teaching of Scripture that sinners are justified before God through faith in His promise of salvation. As a bonus we look at John 3 and Jesus' remarkable teaching and promises to Nicodemus. Enjoy!
On today’s episode we first discuss our Buzzwords Eunuch and Personal Union, and then run Behold The Lamb through the Praise Song Cruncher. Lastly, we play Preaching to Washington DC about politicians quoting Scripture.โดย Rev. Evan Goeglein
On today’s episode we first discuss our Buzzwords Metanoia and Chi Rho, and then discuss Pastor Schulz’s cancellation from his teaching position at Concordia Wisconsin due to his calling out the dangers of Wokeism and Post-Modernism.โดย Rev. Evan Goeglein
On today’s episode of Table Talk Radio we discuss our Buzzwords and then play a new game called Influential Character in Denmark History or …. and then tag on a quick game of What Document of the Boof\k of Concord Does This?โดย Rev. Evan Goeglein
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