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State of Oregon Podcast

State of Oregon Podcast

State of Oregon Podcast

The State of Oregon Podcast is a bi-monthly show that examines the ongoing and historical transgressions of white supremacy and fascist systems in Portland and the greater PNW. Our lens is focused on long term activists and organizers, within a narrative historical context for contemporary violence, and systemic oppression.
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This was a very special night I won't forget. I had stepped out of the theater (because I've seen the film a million times,) and when I came back in, my father was standing there, watching from the back row. My heart trilled and I'm surprised I didn't ugly cry. As a second generation Vietnamese kid, the daughter of a war refugee going into film, I …
“Nailed It,” produced by filmmaker Adele Pham, sets out to answer the question: Why are so many nail salons run by people of Vietnamese heritage? Pham grew up in Portland, and back for several screenings of the film this week. Listen to the interview on OPB here:…
The Nailed It screening and Q&A at UC Riverside was organized by Southeast Asia: Text, Ritual, and Performance (SEATRiP)at UC Riverside, PHD candidate Justin Pham, and Violette Ho who moderated the conversation after the film.โดย State of Oregon Podcast
ECHS' AASA students hosted a community screening of Nailed It and moderated the following discussion. One of our best screenings to date. Meeting high school students of this caliber make me more hopeful about the future! Thank you to educator Julie Vo for bringing me into the fold of this special school.…
Q&A from Nailed It's UCLA screening 10/22/19 moderated by Prof. Evyn Lê Espiritu Gandhi. Co-presented by the Institute of American Cultures, Asian American Studies Center, Southeast Asian Studies Center & The Dept of Asian Languages and Cultures.โดย State of Oregon Podcast
A week after the election of Donald Chump, my millennial aged brother Tim who organized for Bernie and spent thousands of his own dollars on the campaign, talks to me about politics, wtf happened, and the future of the Democratic Party.โดย State of Oregon Podcast
Welcome to life on mars. Since our last show a lot of bad news been a go-go down - Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Baton Rouge, St Paul, Dallas. I'm not going to run down the rabbit hole of emotions today, or debate all lives vs black lives. You know damn well we say #blacklivesmatter because for a millennia, they haven't! Certainly not in America - wh…
The inaugural birthday episode of No More Mr. Bad News with Nicole and Adele, recorded on my 34th birthday :-/ We cover all the bad news of the week, and can't even get to all of it - broaching Orlando's trifecta of tragedy and why in the hell minorities potentially voted for Hillary in the primaries. It's No More Mr. Bad News!…
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